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How Were the Jews Persecuted in Germany between 1933-1939?

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Holocaust 1- How Were the Jews Persecuted in Germany Between 1933-39? Hitler and the Nazis were not the first to persecute Jews in 1993. It had started many centuries before dating back to the death of Jesus; Jews had been labelled 'Christ Killers' and were blamed and punished for many problems as people thought that God was punishing them for socialising with those who had killed his son. The Nazis did not persecute the Jews for religious reasons as many others had done before but they punished and humiliated them for racial reasons. Hitler saw the Jews as an inferior race that was trying to eliminate the true German race and also blamed them for Germany's loss in World War One. The persecution of the Jews by the Nazis became progressively worse over the years between 1933-39. Once Hitler came to power, he made it very clear about his thoughts on Jews. He believed they were lazy, had contributed little to world civilisation, that they wanted to take over Germany and destroy the true German race; Aryan, even though they only made up one percent of Germany's population. Hitler's main aim was to remove all Jews from German society either by making life so unpleasant for them that they emigrated or by placing them in Concentration Camps In April 1933, the Nazis arranged an official one-day boycott of Jewish shops, lawyers and doctors all over Germany. ...read more.


This would have infuriated many Jews as they had fought in World War One for Germany and now they were no longer allowed to protect their own country. The Nuremberg Laws were passed, in 1935, these stated that, marriages between Jews and citizens of German blood were forbidden. Sexual relations between Jews and citizens of German blood were forbidden. Jews were not permitted to employ female citizens of German blood under 45 years of age as domestic help. No Jew could become a German citizen. These laws took away the Jews civil rights and it showed that the Nazis believed that the Jews were too inferior to have relationships with Germans. Whilst Germany was hosting the 1936 Olympic Games, in Berlin, there was a let-up in the Anti-Jewish campaign. All Nazi propaganda was taken down to ensure the rest of the word did not find out about the Nazi's campaign. This was done because Hitler knew that if other countries found about their persecutions on the Jews war would be declared and Germany was not yet ready to go to war. In September 1937, for the first time in two years Hitler made a public speech which attacked the Jews. He stated that the Aryanisation of business was to be increased this meant that more Jewish business's were confiscated. ...read more.


This was almost impossible for Jews to pay as the Nazis had made it very difficult raise finance by taking away their businesses and by dismissing them from certain professions. Life was then made bad for Jewish children, in November 1938, they were no longer allowed to attend German schools but had to attend all Jewish schools instead. This was so German children did not make friends with Jewish children. Hitler did not want this to happen because he knew that German children were the next generation and if wanted his persecutions on the Jews to continue he must make them hate the Jews as well. Then in December 1938 the remaining Jewish businesses were confiscated. This meant only a very small number of Jews were employed making life exceptionally difficult for them. Then in January 1939 laws were put into place to take away the identity of Jews. All male Jews had to add the name 'Israel' and all female Jews the name 'Sara' to their first names. This degraded the Jews it made them feel more like animals than people. Also the Reich Office for Jewish Emigration was established to promote emigration 'by every possible means' even though the Nazi's knew this was nearly impossible for Jews to do as they had very little money. World War Two then began in September 1939 and the persecution of the Jews in Germany and Eastern Europe became horrendous. ...read more.

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