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How, Why and By Whom Was Kennedy Killed?

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Khnsa Khera 90 10/04/04 How, Why and By Whom Was Kennedy Killed? On November 22nd 1963, President John F Kennedy visited Dallas in Texas. He went there because he wanted to have support and money for his campaign. He wanted to help poorer people and also wanted to improve government health facilities, schools and houses. He didn't like the way black people were treated and wanted their living conditions to get better. He also wanted to stop the Russians from becoming too powerful and wanted to stop communism from spreading. It was at 12:30 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas that President Kennedy was killed. The people most likely to be behind the assassination are Lyndon Johnson, the Mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. The possible reasons for killing Kennedy are, I think to do with these two different types of people: * Lyndon Johnson * The Mafia Lyndon Johnson would want to kill President Kennedy for three reasons I think were most important to him: 1) He would become president if Kennedy was dead 2) He argued a lot with Kennedy and probably disliked him 1) He knew Kennedy would get rid of him if he (Kennedy) won the next elections. The Mafia would want to kill Kennedy mainly because Kennedy's brother was getting Mafia leaders arrested and sent to prison. ...read more.


He probably got his chance when he saw Oswald being led out of the police station and knew this was the only chance he would get to kill him. The pieces of evidence that support these ideas is the fact that there couldn't have been one assassin because the shots couldn't have been fired as fast as they were done on that day President Kennedy was killed. That proves there were two assassins. Also Sheriff Craig saw Oswald and another man leave the School Book Depository Building minutes after the shooting. Also Jack Ruby was very nervous until he was told Oswald was dead. He then seemed to calm down and act normally. At Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963 there we're two gunmen. There were two gunmen because it would be impossible for one gunman to fire the number of shots that hit President Kennedy and hit Governor Connally in them few seconds. The two gunmen fired six shots. The shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll and the School Book Depository Building. Bullets: one, three, four and six were fired from the School Book Depository Building and bullets: two and five were fired from the Grassy Knoll. The evidence for this is what Julie Ann Mercer, Lee Bowers, Gordon Arnold, Arnold Rowland and Sheriff Craig said. ...read more.


I think that Lyndon Johnson and the Mafia were involved. Lyndon Johnson hired Mafia members to kill President Kennedy. Ruby and Oswald were probably assigned to the job and they succeeded. Kennedy was killed because Lyndon Johnson and Kennedy didn't always agree and they argued over things a lot. Lyndon Johnson would have become President if Kennedy died before the next elections and he knew Kennedy was going to get rid of him if he won or made it to the next elections. The Mafia would have wanted to get rid of Kennedy because his brother was getting Mafia leaders arrested when he was president. Before he was president, his father made promises and deals with mafia leaders, if they voted for his son, he would fulfil them. However, as soon as Kennedy was president, his brother started getting Mafia leaders arrested so they would have wanted revenge. This is likely to be the truth because Lyndon Johnson and Kennedy argued and it was obvious Kennedy was act as soon as he won the elections and get rid of him. It is also true what his father did and how his brother was getting Mafia leaders arrested. The most important pieces of evidence which suggest this are what Mafia leaders said: "Kennedy's not going to make it to the next election." Another said "The dog will keep biting you if you only cut off his tail. We're going to cut off Kennedy's head. ...read more.

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