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How & why did the USA become involved in Vietnam?

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How & why did the USA become involved in Vietnam? After W.W.II the USA was concerned about the spread of communism, and its effect on world economics and politics. This and the threat of invasion from the powerful USSR, who were trying to spread communism . The USA believed in the "domino theory" (once one country fell to communism the surrounding ones would follow It). Vietnam was part of French Indo-China where there was serious problems. The Vietminh were a communist group fighting for independence. The USA desperately wanted the French to keep control , If Vietnam became communist then according to the domino theory all the countries around it would too. ...read more.


His Tyrannical policies made him very unpopular and the communists in South Vietnam rebelled and formed a guerrilla group, the NLF(Vietcong) to overthrow him. The Americans pumped in more money, this time into the South Vietnam army (A.R.V.N) to combat the Vietcong. Ngo's worsening, corrupt regime caused the growth of the Vietcong and president Eisenhower, noticing this, sent in advisors. They helped the A.R.V.N to organize themselves providing training. America sent in 1000s of advisors to try and counteract the 1000s of people joining the Vietcong. During Kennedy's term in office he increased the number of advisors from 685 to 16000 and introduced strategic hamlets due to the unstable situation, trying to prevent the Vietcong from attacking villages. ...read more.


President Johnson wanted to send in American troops to prove Americas strength and quickly end the communist uprising, but he needed to justify it to the public, so he waited for the Vietminh to openly attack American property. When the Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred it was all the excuse he needed and he launched strikes against the North. In 1965 Johnson sent in US ground troops completely involving the USA with the Vietnam conflict. I think the main factor that drew America into the war with the Vietcong was their fear of the domino effect, once they were involved they were trapped unable to get out without loss of face and embarrassment. Ngo's corrupt regime lost the publics support for the anti communists but it was mainly America trying to prove themselves to be stronger then the USSR. Becky Wood 10SA GCSE COURSEWORK -Vietnamconflict ...read more.

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