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Hudson Taylor: Father of Faith Missions

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Hudson Taylor: Father of Faith Missions Hudson Taylor had the greatest impact on Christianity in China than any other missionary at the time of writing. James Hudson Taylor was born on May 21, 1832 in Barnsley, England to a Christian family. Once, at age four, he said, "When I am a man I mean to be a missionary and go to China." However, he soon became skeptical and worldly as he grew older with friends that swore. At age 17, he went to his father's library and found a gospel tract entitled, "It is Finished". He then remembered about Christ and accepted him as his savior. On Dec. 2, 1849, he finally promised the Lord that he would go to China. In the fall of 1852, the Chinese Evangelization Society (CES) paid for his training as a doctor. ...read more.


Taylor then went back to Shanghai. In five years, most of the rebels were gone from Nanking. On August 24, 1855, he toured to Ningpo and back to Shanghai. In late 1855, Taylor met William Burns, a Scottish evangelist and worked with him as a gospel team. During this time, the CES informed him that there were no more funds to support him in China. He also heard that Burns was arrested by Chinese authorities. In October 1856, Hudson decided to settle at Ningpo. On his journey, he was robbed of his traveling bed, spare clothes, two watches, surgical instruments, concertina (type of accordion), sister Amelia's photo, and a Bible given to him by his mother. Since he had no funding, he resigned from the CES in June 1857. Dr. Parker, a missionary, had established a hospital and dispensary, part of a missionary compound at Ningpo. ...read more.


Because of medical issues, in July 1871, Taylor returned to England. In England, he met a Miss Faulding and married her later that year. Also, Dwight Moody heard him preach. Then, he took his new wife with him to China on October 9, 1872. He went back to England in 1874 because the foster-mother for his children had died. On September 13, 1876, Inland China was opened to the gospel. Hudson then went back to China and traveled over 30,000 miles in two years. In 1878, his wife rejoined him in being a missionary. Taylor went back to England in February 1883. Now in China they had 225 missionaries, 59 churches, and 1,655 members. In 1887, Taylor recruited 102 more and raised $105,000. He then left for China his 11th and last time in February 1905 alone as his wife had already passed away the year before. There he died in Changsha, Hunan, China on June 3 1905. Hudson Taylor brought many people to Christ. ...read more.

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