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I am going to look at both sides of why Roosevelt won the election of 1932. 1932 was a time of panic in American society, as they had just had the Wall Street crash which was straight after the economic boom

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Why did Roosevelt win the election of 1932? I am going to look at both sides of why Roosevelt won the election of 1932. 1932 was a time of panic in American society, as they had just had the Wall Street crash which was straight after the economic boom. Hoover was the president at the time. Roosevelt had fell out of politics after he had a nasty crash and had to leave politics. One reason why Roosevelt won the 1932 election was that Hoover was very unpopular. Hoover who was president was very unpopular in 1932 as it was thought that he did not do anything for the American public. He was regarded as a 'do nothing president' hover and most republicans were reluctant to change anything. He didn't think that it was his problem to do anything about the crash that the public would have to sort it out them selves, but it was not there fault the banks had gone bust and took peoples money with them. ...read more.


Hoovers opponent was a man called Franklin Roosevelt who was a popular man in America as he tried to help American citizens through the tough time that they were facing. He went out of his home and saw the public and interacted with them. Hoover did not do this he stayed at home counting his money. Roosevelt was a very popular man before he went out of politics but now he was back in politics he was regaining his popularity. People also liked Roosevelt as they thought when he has the crash that meant that he couldn't walk on his own ever again he would give up but he could see his countries need for action against the time that they were facing and wanted to help. So he came back in to the political world and American people thought this was heroic. Roosevelt had a vicious campaign unlike Hoover that thought that Roosevelt campaign would not work so he decided not to have a big campaign. ...read more.


Roosevelt's wife had helped him by going into communities had giving speeches to women and men on how she and her husband wanted to help bring America back to one of the biggest economic countries there was. Roosevelt was a great speaker he knew exactly what the people wanted and how to give it to them he put down Hoover were ever he could but the public did not see this as a down fall. I can see that Roosevelt put together a very clever campaign that won him the election. He had been in politics before and new exactly how to gain the publics vote but I don't think that he would have thought how easy it would be to win, but I think that anyone that had a political brain could have beat Hoover in the election and this was thought by other Americans, he may not caused the crash but American people thought that there president could have done something to help then survive. ...read more.

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