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I intend to explain what my views are about the statement "women in Britain are still second class citizens."

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Q5 I intend to explain what my views are about the statement "women in Britain are still second class citizens." First of all, I partly agree with this statement and partly disagree. I feel that a source to back the statement would be Source F, its written by a feminist in the 1980's and it explains how she feels that new laws and regulations don't bring about social change they just make a climate for change and "make it more tolerable for others in the meantime." I also feel the statement is not true because today we do not treat women badly and they have practically equal rights to men. All the sources together suggest that life back then for a woman wasn't a dream, even though advertisements such as that in Source C, tried to portray this. ...read more.


Obviously there are a few jobs that require women and some that require men. Women are allowed to own property, money and other possessions that they would have not been able to own in Victorian times. Women are allowed to freely get contraception and can get much better support with childcare and family planning. This is a huge step because it meant that if women wanted to they could not only have a career but have children as well, this was a big step forward. Girls and women have exactly the same rights to men regarding education and further education. The media do not portray women as been second-class citizens. Women also have the right to vote freely, this has not been achieved in some countries. ...read more.


Girls were expected to be with their mothers helping them with jobs around the house like cleaning and cooking. Source E demonstrates this. The source is a page taken from a children's reading book. It would have given a child certain views about these topics. In conclusion I feel that the sources and my knowledge have shown that women are a lot better off than they were in the 50's and 60's but there are just a few aspects of life that haven't changed much. They do have a lot more freedom to do what they want and make decisions for themselves, they have a lot more rights, like the right to vote and equal pay. But even after all this they are still expected by some to stay at home and tender and care for their family. All I can say is that women's rights have improved a lot since the 50's and 60's. Sam Randoll 11Qu ...read more.

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