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Imagine that you are a German student who has lived through the war years and its aftermath. You decided to write a letter to your friend in the United States telling him/herall about the recent events and their impact on you and others in Germany.

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´╗┐Dear Emily, How are you? I hope that you are alright. I am absolutely fine. How are things settling in New York for you? Over here in Germany things are getting worse day by day due to the new government signing the stupid Treaty of Versailles.The treaty was clearly trying to destroy Germany and they say that it was our fault for starting the World War. After all, we were forced into war by the way the other countries treated us. We are not the only guilty party.There is a lot of disorder and the new democratic government is facing a lot rebellion from the left wing and the right wing. ...read more.


however the French got out of patience. And just to take out the anger of the World War, the French and the Belgians invaded the Ruhr. And you want to know the worst part, the this act carried out by the French and the Belgians was legal. They took what was owed to them in the form of raw materials and goods. This results of the occupation of the Ruhr was disastrous . Then the government ordered the workers to carry out passive resistance, which meant that they went on a strike. This way the French had nothing to take with them. Instead the French acted harshly and ruthlessly killed over 100 workers and expelled over 100,000 protesters from the region. ...read more.


And my grandfather was shocked when he heard that his monthly pension won?t even buy him a cup of coffee. Conditions here are getting really worse that I m am getting really worried. However, the new president Gustav Stresemann wa able to control the conditions a bit . He called off the passive resistance in Ruhr. He called for the worthless marks , which were burned and has been replaced by the new currency called the Rentenmark. He also has negotiated to receive American loans under the Dawes Plan. And he also has renegotiated the reparation amount. I just hope that Germany recovers from this economic decline fast and retrieve its strong position back. I Hope you have a prosperous year and keep on working hard. Yours Sincerely, Shafaq Yaqoob. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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