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Impact of the WWII on Britain

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Dubliners How does Joyces present the paralysis of Dublin in a Little Cloud? In your response you should analyze the language Joyces uses to reveal the paralysis ; how the revelations (epiphanies) are shown. A Little Cloud is a story of a married character called Little Chandler who lives in Dublin and who meets one of his old friend Gallaher who lives in Paris and came to Dublin for his job. Little Chandler has a very common life, a child and a pretty women, who pleases him. But when he meets Gallaher, who had succeeded in everything, he gets a bit jealous of his superb life and so questions himself about how good his life is. This story contrasts Little Chandler's dissatisfaction with Gallaher's audacious writing career abroad. This story is one of the few stories which really shows clearly how James Joyces wanted us to see Dublin. Little Chandler talk to Gallaher primarily about Gallaher's life. He compares himself, his life, what he has done, to Gallaher and so blames himself thinking he has a too mundane and boring life. ...read more.


But he doesn't realize this quickly, it is developed: as he talks to Gallaher he begins to feel angry against life which made him unlucky. His wife returning home and snatching his baby brings him to a tragic revelation: he is "prisoner" of his house and of his life as says the narrator: "He was prisoner for life". The epiphany in this story is the understanding of his incapacity of changing his life, which is linked to paralysis; the incapacity of Little Chandler of changing his life or even his paralysis when trying to do unusual things. When talking to his friend in the pub, Little Chandler feels cheated by life because Gallaher succeeded in everything and he didn't. While having this feeling, Little Chandler tries to find what caused this difference, and not how to repair it, and finds out that Gallaher might have succeeded because he left Dublin as he says explicitly: "There is no doubt about it: if you wanted to succeed you had to go away"; so Dublin could the cause of Little Chandler's mundane life and so of his inability to change. ...read more.


These stories use the idea of vicious circle which are really hard to get through. Little Chandler's inability to act on his desires and his dependence on Gallaher to provide experiences he can participate in vicariously make him similar to Lenehan in "Two Gallants." Just as Lenehan stands in Corley's shadow, Little Chandler admires and envies Gallaher. Even when Gallaher refuses his invitation out of disinterest, Little Chandler keeps feelings to himself, showing how he refuses to see the deeply in things. The title A Little Cloud represent the fleeting resistance of Little Chandler, the short moment when he questioned his life. But as a cloud, it went by quickly. The cloud, on earth, is something which might bring rain, which is not really enjoyed by people, so we could see the short moment when Little Chandler questions his life, when the narrator says: "Why had he married the eyes in the photograph?", as the beginning of the rain and so as the beginning of something negative. As in many stories in Dubliners, the title is directly linked to the epiphany. ...read more.

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