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In 1932 Roosevelt Won the Presidential Election By a Landslide; Winning In All But Six States and Although His Campaign and Composure Did Have a Profound Impact On His Victory, There Were Also Outside Influences That Made Him Win More Votes Tha

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QUESTION 2 In 1932 Roosevelt won the Presidential election by a landslide; winning in all but six states and although his campaign and composure did have a profound impact on his victory, there were also outside influences that made him win more votes than any President had before. Roosevelt himself, did receive numerous votes by taking an active interest in the American people. He went on a grand Tour of the US during his election campaign to speak and see the 'ordinary Americans' and hear their stories and hardships; something never done before by a candidate, most notably not by Hoover. He also made public his plans for America: to improve the lives of ordinary people and to get government funding to help people get back to work, plans and ideas that America had not heard from Hoover, but most importantly, plans and ideas that they so desperately wanted and needed during this time. Therefore because of Roosevelt's active campaigning, and uplifting plans he brought forward, to some extent, he did himself generate his victory. However, a large reason why Roosevelt did win was by what his opponent wasn't doing, saying and believing in, additionally what he had failed to do in the past. ...read more.


Roosevelt came across as a very warm and gentle man, making a sincere effort to hear the stories from ordinary people. He promised great things for America and its economy, and because Hoover was doing and saying none of this, Roosevelt was given that little more room to win with. So although Roosevelt did have a part in his victory, a large majority of the votes were won just by the fact that he wasn't Hoover. QUESTION 3: LIFE DID GET BETTER FOR MANY AMERICANS IN THE 1930s. HOW FAR WAS ROOSEVELT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, OR WAS IT DUE TO OTHER FACTORS? When Roosevelt came to power he was faced with millions of people ruthlessly suffering. In his first 100 days, Roosevelt implemented numerous organizations to get people back into work and help restart the American economy. Such organizations include the AAA for farmers who had lost their farms and needed new equipment to improve farming production. The CCC for young men trying to feed their families, The National Recovery Administration which improved working conditions in industries and outlawed child labor . ...read more.


A questionable circumstance, which brings about the idea if Roosevelt and the New Deal was actually helping the economy at all, is when Roosevelt cut back on the New Deal budget in 1937. Unemployment increased once more and a recession immediately set in. Although unemployment did not reach the same level it was at the start of the New Deal (24.9% of the population), it did rise to 19%. This makes it seem that the economy was no relying solely on government money to survive, that money would inevitably run out and they would find themselves back where they started. At the time of Roosevelt's inauguration America was experiencing one of its hardest times ever; millions were out of work, with nothing left in their bank account and had no where to turn. Roosevelt saved those people from starvation and insanity by creating jobs and ultimately getting people to start spending and entrusting in the economy once again. However, many people see Roosevelt's actions as a holding operation in the form of series of measures that enabled people to survive the depression and hang on until World War II opened up new opportunities for the economy. Nevertheless, without Roosevelt's influence, nay people would have continues to suffer greatly up to the time of the war. Jennifer Gracie HISTORY COURSEWORK ...read more.

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