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In January 1993, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Explain why this happened.

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Shafaq Yaqoob In January 1993, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Explain why this happened? How far did the Depression cause Hitler to become Chancellor in January 1933? Was the Nazi use if threats and violence the main reason why Hitler Became Chancellor Germany in January 1933? After the Wall Street Crash in 1929 which triggered the Great Depression caused political and economic de-stabilisation in Germany. The German public was mostly unemployed due to the failure in industry saw that the democratic Weimar government was doing nothing about the problem at hand and made conditions worse by passing harsh laws. After this the German public started to look for a new strong government which would solve their problem. The Nazis took advantage of the conditions created by the Great Depression was this as an opportunity to attract people to their side. People found their policies attracting and by using the Weimar?s weaknesses the Nazis kept on breaking Weimar?s support. The impact of the Great Depression was a turning point for the Nazis and the Weimar Republic. As Germany had not yet fully recovered from the effects of the First World War, their economy was still a very brittle position. ...read more.


Later on when the coalition government was greatly weakened when the Social Democrats withdrew. This was one of the major setbacks in the constitution of the Weimar Republic as the government had to be coalitions due to proportional representation, so because of coalitions compromises had to made. The Nazis had another opportunity to exploit the fears and discontent of people in the 1930 election which allowed them to win 107 seats in the Reichstag. Maybe we can say that the Nazi strength were more important in helping Hitler become Chancellor of Germany. The main factors that help the Nazis to become one of the most influential parties were that they appealed to many different groups in the German society. They knew that all and Germans wanted to make Germany great again by abolishing the Treaty of Versailles and conquering more land (Lebensraum). They said that they would restore Germany?s pride again by introducing conscription and rearmament which would also tackle unemployment. All these ideas brought by Hitler were really appealing to the people. The fact that the Nazis wanted to destroy Communism help them gain more support because there were many groups in Germany that left threatened by the increasing support of the Communisms. ...read more.


Appointing Hitler the Chancellor was also benefiting to Hindenburg and other industrialist as they also feared Communism. Therefore Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor on 30th January 1933. In conclusion, the Depression acted as a catalyst to Weimar?s problems and made people look for alternatives that would help to lift them out of the effects of the Depression. The Depression created a perfect opportunity of the Nazis to introduce their policies and gave them a chance to criticise the Weimar and exploit their mistakes. In addition to this the Nazi rallies and Hitler?s oratorical skills were also important in gaining favour of people. The Depression showed that the Weimar was really weak and was unable to solve people?s problems which made the people resort to extremist parties, even the Communists. However, the Nazi use of violence lost them support in the November 1932 elections, so if Hindenburg was not persuade to appoint Hitler to become Chancellor, He might not have come into power, so we can deduce that the political manoeuvring done by Hindenburg and von Papen is an important factor that allowed Hitler to rise in power. ` ...read more.

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