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In What Ways did the Nazis Attempt to eliminate all Jews from Germany?

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Coursework Question 3 In What Ways did the Nazis Attempt to eliminate all Jews from Germany? From 1941 onwards, the Nazis used a number of methods to eliminate all Jews from Europe. Before 1941 the Nazis tried to move Jews out of Germany into other countries like Poland. This was called the first solution and this changed during the war. This changed because when Germany invaded Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia they inherited an additional 3.5 million Jews, and with another 3 million other Jews living in Germany, it meant that Hitler and the Nazis were now sharing their countries with 6.5 million Jews. This made it basically impossible for Hitler to carry on sending Jews to other countries. As a result of this Hitler organised a meeting in Wansee, which was called the Wansee conference. At the Wansee conference the final solution was agreed. ...read more.


In the camps the S.S guards would use the Jews in the camps to test out what the best soldiers' boots to wear were, they would do this by making the Jews wear different boots and then making them run around until they dropped to the floor with exhaustion. If they were to exhausted they were then shot if the guards thought they were unfit to work. The Jews and other small minority groups that weren't sent to concentration camps were sent to extermination camps. Auschwitz was the biggest extermination camp, it was built in Poland and the commandment of the camp was Rudolf Hoess. In the extermination camps there were two main ways of mass murder; one was that they were lined up together and then the S.S shot them with machine guns. The method of mass murder which killed the most prisoners was where they were gassed in gas chambers with a poisonous gas called Cyclon B. ...read more.


They built the railways away from the main stations to prevent the German people getting on the trains that were going to the different camps. Inside the camps the prisoners were made to wear blue and grey striped uniforms. The Jews and communists were made to wear different badges on their uniforms. Jews were made to wear star shaped badges to discriminate them from the other minor minority groups. Himmler and Heydrich played a main part in the attempt to eliminate Jews from Europe. Himmler was the leader of the S.S and he went on to control the Gestapo as well as the S.S. He was also in charge of all the extermination camps and he was greatly feared in Germany. Heydrich was made head of the Gestapo which made him Himmler's deputy. Heydrich was assassinated in 1942 and later in 1945 Himmler committed suicide. The mass murder of the Jews has became known has the Holocaust and this was the Nazis main attempt to eliminate all Jews from Germany. ...read more.

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