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In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards?

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3) In what ways did the Nazis attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 onwards? From the time the decision was made to eliminate all the Jews in Europe, or from late 1941, many different methods would be tried before an efficient way was found. Before 1941, Jews were being killed in Germany and invaded Poland, but not due to an actual decision to kill them; the Jews were rounded up and forced into ghettos which resulted in many Jewish deaths. The ghettos were often a tiny portion of the cities and towns in which they were situated and this resulted in overcrowding; in Warsaw, 400,000 Jews were forced to live in an area just two percent the size of the cities. Many Jews died from the conditions of the ghettos as disease and starvation were rampant due to inadequate supplies. Jews were also killed, by the armed guards that patrolled the ghetto boundaries, if they were caught trying to escape from the ghettos. ...read more.


A 'better' method was thought up in 1942 with the introduction of gas vans where prisoners were poisoned by carbon dioxide from the exhaust. Yet these were still ineffective as they took up to 15 minutes to kill the Jews and only a few could be fit into the vans at a time and so a more effective method was soon thought up. Nevertheless, over 700,000 Jews were killed in the gas vans. The Wannsee Conference of January 1942 would seal the fate of Europe's Jews as Heydrich and Himmler took control of the situation and came up with the 'Final Solution'. They ordered that Jews were to be sent to concentration or extermination camps. Concentration camps had been used as early as 1933 for political enemies of the Nazis but as part of the 'Final Solution' Jews were sent to these camps to die. Many died as a result of the harsh conditions and forced labour that often resulted in 'natural wastage'. ...read more.


Instead of water, Cyclon B came out of the showerheads; the entire room was killed in as little as three minutes. Anything that might have been of use to the Nazis, like gold teeth or rings, were then extracted from the corpses which were then cremated and again checked for valuables before being buried. Extermination camps were the most effective way the Nazis came up with to eliminate the Jews as they were both quick at killing many Jews and were also effective at making a profit from them whereas the other methods of elimination, such as the concentration camps or the Einsatzgruppen, only did one thing, either killing or making profit from the Jews. This meant that extermination camps quickly became the norm for the elimination of the Jews and the extermination camps were to become so effectively used by the Nazis that the Jewish deaths at the camps would add up to almost half of the total number of Jews killed by the entire Nazi Holocaust, including almost the whole Jewish population of Poland. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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