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In what ways did the Social, Economic and Political Status of the Black Americans vary across the United States at the End of World War II.

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Faye Watts 12F Mr Leitch. In what ways did the Social, Economic and Political Status of the Black Americans vary across the United States at the End of World War II. 1945 The Social status of the Black Americans varied across the United States although both the Northern and Southern areas ran into problems. At the end of World War II the government assigned the Jim Crow Law which meant blacks had worse facilities. Also the law limited social opportunities, as whites believed Blacks to be inferior due to them once being slaves and they don't have the right to live a white life. Groups of people called the Ku Klux Klan in the South were responsible for many lynchings on black citizens. The Ku Klux Klan believed that Black Americans were inferior human beings and that their actions toward blacks were helping to protect the 'American Way of Life'. The lynchings were terrible assaults on blacks, which could consist of kidnapping people and whipping them till they are mutilated or even murdered. ...read more.


If they did get an interview and they were up against a white with the same qualities, the white person would get it due to them being more superior. This basically occurred for blacks in the North as well, which showed how problems were similar in this respect across the US. Both Northern and Southern Blacks got paid less than whites. In the 1950's those in the South got paid 75 cents a day but blacks in the North got paid $3.25 a day. This is a considerable difference of wages between the two areas although in both the whites earned nearly double the amount blacks did. It was not always pleasant in the North for blacks wanting jobs as they struggled to gain promotions and many were just stuck on a factory floors. Although promotion was a problem, to whites dismay 3 blacks were promoted in the company Ford. This is shown as an improvement on equality as there was more jobs available for Blacks as whites were not as prejudice and were accepted to work alongside fellow whites. ...read more.


Even though in the Northern parts of the US there was still white juries and judges etc more black cases stood up in court which was a development in their status. In Conclusion, the black people in the South seem to be more similar to each other then they are different. This is mainly due to the fact that in both parts of the US, the blacks were being segregated and discriminated against although in the South the official laws meant blacks had worse facilities whereas in the North there were unofficial laws. Blacks that live in the North do have more beneficial opportunities than they would in the South due to better housing and educational facilities. By having those benefits they are able to obtain better jobs. However, they are similar in some ways as in both the North and the South their wages were less then that of whites doing the same job. Education played a huge part in the progress of Black Americans in the North. This is because the education was improving therefore more blacks were able to apply for jobs, as they were literate enough to do so. ...read more.

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