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In what ways did the work of Bletchley Park influence the out come of the Second World War?

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In what ways did the work of Bletchley Park influence the out come of the Second World War? Ultra was able to help the outcome of the war in many ways. This was done by giving information that they has decoded to the British forces. Some of this information they got helped to win great battles other pieces couldn't help or wasn't used by the military but aided in future decoding. During the early years of the war the information that Bletchley Park was decoding was not always being put to full use by the armed forces. The armed forces didn't trust the information because Bletchley Park was a secret to everyone and they couldn't be told where it was coming from. ...read more.


Sometimes the information that Bletchley Park was providing was being trusted but then they wouldn't act upon it or use it properly. When armed forces were in Italy, Bletchley Park was supplying them with endless amounts of information that they could use. They had even cracked "fish" which meant they could get access to high ranking information. However they knew that there was little chance that they could actually win against the 1 million German soldiers that were there so the information that they had couldn't be used to its full potential. Although there was a lot of information that couldn't be used there was still a lot that really did influence the war. Overall they did help to save a lot of lives; like in the Battle of Britain. ...read more.


Bletchley Park was a great overall influence over the war and also helped to shorten it as well. When German U-boats where sinking a lot of ships carrying important supplies from America and Canada over the Atlantic, Bletchley Park came through and broke the "Dolphin" code. This meant that could now find out exactly where all the German U-Boats where and then our ships could avoid them. This meant that we were getting all our supplies and that Germany's plan to starve us out didn't work. Overall Bletchley Park influenced the war vastly. It helped to win many battles and even though sometimes the information wasn't used for various reasons it still helped Bletchley Park in decoding other messages. It was able to give the military enormous amounts of information that they would not have had any way of getting otherwise and helped them to in the end win the war. Matthew Clark ...read more.

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