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In what ways was conscription a controversial issue

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In what ways was conscription a controversial issue During the First World War. In 1916 conscription was introduced as part of there Defence Of The Realm Act. This meant all the single men between 18 - 41 had to register for active service. Later they changed it to all men 18- 41 because not enough men registered. This was a controversial issue because it caused people to argue and debate about it then and also now for historians. This answer will discuss the ways in which both the causes and impact of conscription were controversial. First the causes of conscription were controversial because of the falling level of recruitment. ...read more.


These were controversial because they needed all the help they could get but rejected some of the help given. The army's were using attrition tactics to win the war that's why a lot of soldiers were being killed at once. Conscription took away people's choice of freedom and some peoples beliefs because they made all men 18 to 40 unless they had a really good reason for not joining e.g. workers that supplied fuels and things like that or if they had a disability. Other jobs on the home front were taken by women because all the men had to go to war Secondly conscription is also controversial because of the consequences and opposition it caused, 50 MP's voted against it. ...read more.


This is controversial because some people had beliefs and didn't want to betray what they didn't want to betray what they didn't believe in, they were conscientious objectors In conclusion not everyone agreed with the war and most people were forced to kill. I would argue that most controversial aspects was the conscientious objectors, I would argue this because people were not allowed their own freedom because the government only cared about winning the war and unless they thought people had a good enough reason not to join the war they were not really given a choice it was either to go to war, to go to prison or to be killed for being a coward.the idea that the government was the forceing men to kill against their consence was the most contriversial part of conscription. ...read more.

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