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In what ways were some of the following reasons more important than others in affecting the social, political and economic position of black people in America?

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Assignment 1- Question 1 In what ways were some of the following reasons more important than others in affecting the social, political and economic position of black people in America? There are four main reasons, which affected the social, political and economic positions of black people in America. They included the attitudes of Southern states after the civil war, slave status, Ku Klux Klan and the immigration of Europeans up to 1914. I will list them in rank of importance: 1. Slave status 2. Attitudes of Southern states 3. Ku Klux Klan 4. European immigration Many black Negro Africans had been captured and exchanged for goods by the British. The British ships sailed to America and on arrival they became Black American slaves. They were cleaned and sold off, like animals and when a slave was purchased they became the property of plantation owners; they were treated like objects and not humans. The slaves were used as free labour, to harvest crops, or to work in the household. ...read more.


During the Period of Reconstruction, the Freedmen's Bureau was established and Black men were granted equal civil rights and the right to vote. They established hospitals and schools for blacks and state land was opened to all black settlers'. White Southerners resented the new rules, which were in favour of the blacks and they introduced strict black codes. Blacks could not own guns, could not testify in court, could be arrested for being 'impudent' to whites and were only allowed to own property in allocated areas of towns called the 'blacks' part. Many blacks were forced to work on plantations as paid workers, however the owners had no money to pay them. They worked in return for a share of the crops; this was known as 'Sharecropping', but they had to pay for seeds, tools out of this. Due to earning so little blacks became dependant on 'Country Stores', where they bought clothing and food on credit from the plantation owners. ...read more.


They used violence and intimidation, such as whipping, lynching, burning, kidnapping, mutilation and the murder against the blacks. Police could turn a blind eye to this brutal treatment and occasionally would be part of the organization. So to would members of the court, so the blacks were no longer safe in the hands of the "law". The least important factor that affected the blacks was the European immigration. Many blacks moved to Northern states for better occupations, although most of the well-paid jobs had been taken by immigrants. However, the influx of blacks to the North caused housing shortages as immigrants occupied many residents and this forced the blacks into the worst housing and lowest paid occupations. From the reasons I have discussed I have come to the conclusion that the slave status had the most affect on blacks, because it would have taken many generations for slave mentality to ebb away. For all black people freedom was only another form of slavery. Word Count: 868 Alicia Fleming 11E Assignment 1 Question 1 ...read more.

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