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In your opinion, was the warren commission correct in its conclusion? Explain your answer fully using the evidence available.

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In your opinion, was the warren commission correct in its conclusion? Explain your answer fully using the evidence available. In my opinion the Warren Commission was wrong in thinking that Lee Harvey Oswald could have killed President John.F.Kennedy all by himself. I agree with the Warren Commission that Lee H Oswald could have killed Officer.Tippit in order to avoid arrest. The Warren Commission final conclusions are: a) A single gunman Lee H Oswald, using a Mannlicher-Carcno rifle, murdered President Kennedy. b) Oswald had fired three rifle shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. c) The President had been struck from the rear by two bullets. One of these bullets had entered the back of Kennedy's head and caused his death. d) Lee Harvey Oswald worked alone in the assassination. There had been no conspiracy. e) Oswald had killed Officer.Tippit with four revolver shots in order to avoid arrest. The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle could not have been used by Oswald to kill President Kennedy because when it was found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, the investigators who first saw the rifle described it as a worn out and rusty and a misallied scope. The rifle-bolt disturbed and slowed the rate of fire and disturbed the position of the eye. ...read more.


after all this the bullet stayed in perfect condition. If the Warren Commission had not come up with the single bullet theory the whole thing about Oswald killing President Kennedy falls apart. Governor Connally himself is not convinced with the single bullet theory he said, " It is not conceivable to me that I could have been hit by the first bullet. The limousine had travelled about 50 yards when I heard what I thought was a shot. I turned to look back over my right shoulder and saw nothing unusual even though I immediately thought this was an assassination attempt. I was turning to look over my left shoulder at the President when a bullet hit me in the back. ... the thought immediately passed through my mind that there were two or three people involved in this; or that someone was shooting with a automatic rifle" This show that a person who has been in the same car as President Kennedy at the time of assassination does not believe the Warren Commission and think they have got it wrong, then what proof is therefore the rest of information they said is right and how could you expect the public to believe the single bullet theory which is so unbelievable? Witness at the time of the shooting said that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll as well as the Texas School Book Depository. ...read more.


A Dallas police Officer received an urgent phone call who refused to say his identification and he said" We are going to kill Oswald". And the man asked them to change the arrangement in which Oswald was being moved from the police station to the county jail. But the police Officer later recognised the voice as Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby had connections with the Mafia and he got lots of phone calls leading to Kennedy's assassination. Police Officer who knew Jack Ruby said he was panicking and was very nervous when we first arrested him but he started to calm down when I told him that Oswald was dead. I agree with the Warren Commission that Oswald could have killed Officer Tippit in order to avoid arrest. After the assassination of Kennedy a police officer went to the Texas School Book Depository to look for the killer. Oswald was stopped by the policeman and questioned about Kennedy's death. Oswald then left the Texas School Book Depository and the again he was stopped by Officer Tippit so Oswald could have murdered Officer Tippit and went to the Texas Theatre and he forgot to buy tickets. Theatre manager phoned the police in saying that a man is acting suspiciously and the Police Officer's came and arrested Oswald. My final conclusion is that Oswald did not kill President Kennedy all by himself and the Warren Commission has either got it all wrong or there is a conspiracy within the government. Warren Commission Essay - 1 - ...read more.

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