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India question 5

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Describe the part played by India in the Second World War. (15 marks) By Chin Ching and Jensen Pon Despite the fact that Britain itself was a small country, it was both militarily and economically powerful. This was mainly because it had many overseas empire. One of the largest empires was India, which had a population of over 300 million people. During World War 2, India provided Britain with more than a million solider, giving Britain an advantage over the number of troops. ...read more.


This is also shown in source three, "..out of a population of some 384 million...every one of them participated in his or her own choice..." To award India's for its contributions, 30 Victoria Crosses- the highest award for bravery and devotion to duty, were awarded to members of the Indian Army. During the war, India also provided Britain with economic support. India lent Britain money which was used to finance the war and the loan summed up to GBP 1200 by the end of the war. ...read more.


Despite the fact that there was an "Indian National Army", which aimed at achieving India Independence by fighting along side the Axis Force against the Allied Force, India as a whole remain remained undoubtably loyal and supportive to the British Empire throughout the war. This is supported by source eight, where it says, "..many thousands of Indian POWS preferred torture and death to changing allegiance...". In conclusion, I believed that India's military intervention and support for Britain played a vital role in winning the war against the Axis Force. Even though India had vast sums of economic wealth that could greatly help Britain's economy, without India enormous man power, Japan would have easily defeated Britain. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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