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India: The Story

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People take India as a strange country for its believes and customs. In fact India is quite strange. The people sacrifice cows and believe in a different god. India has a unique shape in the geography. It is shaped like a wedge facing down. Its land is very dry due to the climate. The life expectancy is really low because of the poorness in the country. India has a diverse religion cult because of its past. The Indian country is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The people in India are very kind but take religion seriously. There is a total amount of 7 religions that have been documented. ...read more.


India's mayor imports are oil, petroleum products, and non-electrical machinery. India has had a mayor economic advance during the past 10 years. The government in India is a multiparty form. The government bodies are the Lower House and the Upper House. The leader of the state is the president, which is elected democratically. The head of government is the prime minister. The voting rights are that all Indians over 18 years old have the right to vote. Excluding the people in jail that cant vote. India's architecture is very unique in its own way. In fact India owns one of the most beautiful pieces of work in the world. ...read more.


Today, India is one of the poorest countries in the world. The Indian society still eats on the floor with no forks or knives. Like many poor countries India lacks education. There are hardly any books in the schools. Some of the teachers haven't fully graduated to teach. This means that they don't have the right to teach, but they still do it. In conclusion I think that India is a country that has a good future. Its religion is very unique as it is the architecture. India has everything it takes to be one of the world's economic leaders but there isn't much education to hold on to. With more educated people India would be looking at a high increase in their money income. This country has what it takes to become a world economic leader, in the next five to ten years. ...read more.

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