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Ireland - Describe the reported incident in your own words with explanation of the content.

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Ireland Coursework 1.) Describe the reported incident in your own words with explanation of the content. This article decries the Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Bertie Ahern signing over the constitutional claim on the six counties over to Northern Ireland. Also the English Prime Minister Tony Blair giving power to Ulster and the IRA agreed to hand over their weapons, this agreement is known as the Good Friday agreement. This particular agreement was started in April of 1999 and the 603 days, which have passed, have been very nervous because this was a giant step in the peace process. However finally on Thursday 2nd of December the Good Friday agreement was signed and completed by the Ulster secretary Peter Mandelson. Ulster is no longer under English rule and the Republic of Ireland has no claims in what goes on in Ulster and the 10 ministers form the new government of Ulster. ...read more.


Ulster now has 10 new ministers who will run and control Northern Ireland. These members consist of the SDLP (Social Democratic Labour party) led by John Hume and also the new government consists of Sinn Fein. Working together is the way forward and this is being achieved, the Good Friday agreement is a massive step this article suggests. However this meeting was not immaculate and it was not expected to be. Unionist ministers tried to stop the agreement from being reached by boycotting the meeting. These two members of the Democratic Unionist party were Nigel Dodds and Peter Robinson. Nigel Dodds was outraged from what was taking place and felt that the agreement stood against everything the Unionists believed in. Also Gerry Adams the chief of Nationalist party Sinn Fein made a joke of this agreement being stupid because there is a long time to wait for any step towards peace to be made and he implied that no real separation has been made. ...read more.


The Good Friday agreement has introduced greater links between Northern and Southern Ireland governments and the security between the two countries has dramatically increased to ensure that peace is kept. All the factors of this agreement keep coming back to peace, which shows that peace will be accomplished in the near future. The 603 days taken to conclude this agreement shows the shear importance of it and how difficult it was to get all sides on board but now it has been accomplished it was a great achievement. The Northern Irish assembly takes over since 1972 and they can now apply direct rule in Ulster. The Republic of Ireland PM Bertie Ahern stated that every single Irish person should feel happy today about the peace achieved. This newspaper article delivers a very positive attitude and shows the optimism that is shared with all the 10 ministers of Northern Ireland. ...read more.

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