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Is the phase “lions led by donkeys” a fair one?

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!!!General Haig Essay!!! Is the phase "lions led by donkeys" a fair one? General Haig was called a donkey. Slow and stubborn. The phase "lions lead by donkeys" is based on him from his tactics during the war. Another name he accumulated was "a butcher" he was described as this also because of his same tactics. The tactic itself was to send men over and over the top to wear down the enemy, this was called triton. This caused many men (lions) to lose their lives. I think this is a fair comment, as Haig knew this would mean the slaughter of thousands of brave soldiers, but not the death of himself. On the other hand though you could say this is an unfair statement as he is the one who led us to win the best military victory recorded. Haig also lost so many lives as he didn't know what was going on and relied in God to guide him. He wasn't very good at oral communication either and so didn't manage to listen or put forward his ideas. ...read more.


so the men could have just well shot themselves as when they went out there any range of things could have happened, they could have drowned in a puddle or impaled themselves upon the barbed wire or even just have been shot clear dead. I think Haig was so determined to win that he didn't consider the amount of men he was losing to the Germans. Laffin said, "he didn't understand technology." So this implies he never used it to his advantage whereas Wilson said, "he liked technology." But Haig must have liked technology despite what Laffin said as on the first day the tank was on order Haig order 1100 tanks. Haig also was a good commander after making his mistakes as he started to realise you should think small. So instead Haig made his targets from big to small attacks. This made the war easier to win. As they could take the Germans section by section. Also after many lessons Haig got many artillery supplies when it was at its best which was 1918. ...read more.


So luckily he managed to keep his job and eventually made us win the war. I think the most important point overall for the comment to be unfair would be my first one, despite the fact that Haig's tactics cost many lives he was the one who lead us to win the greatest military victory recorded. I think this as otherwise if he hadn't we wouldn't be speaking English or may not even exist and live in the free world we do today. But my most important overall reason for the statement to be fair would be that he knew that his plan day after day would make many men injured or killed. I think this, as he never changed his plan for the first 140-145 days within which 66,000 men were injured 20,000 of which were killed. My answer to the question I can not decide as it could be fair and unfair. It depends on the way you look at it. So I looked at both sides as I could not chose between the two. So YES and NO. (Both) By Daniel Shand, 9w2 9PF (930 words) ...read more.

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