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Is there sufficient evidence in sources D to J to explain why the troubles broke out in Northern Irelandin 1969? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge fro your own studies.

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Is there sufficient evidence in sources D to J to explain why the troubles broke out in Northern Ireland in 1969? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge fro your own studies. Throughout the sources, there are various different interpretations and opinions based on why the Troubles broke out in Northern Ireland in 1969. I will examine the sources and come to a conclusion to decide if they provide sufficient evidence to base and evaluation on why the Troubles broke out. Sources D-J provides both opinion and factually based views. Source F shows a map of the Gerrymander in Derry in 1966, as a map, the source holds real significance as to why the Troubles broke out. The source helps to support the Catholics argument that they were being discriminated in Northern Ireland before the Troubles broke out. The map shows that despite Catholics made up roughly 2/3 of the Derry population (20 102 out of 30 376) they still only received 8 councilors to represent them despite Protestants receiving 12. ...read more.


Source I like source H interoperates that despite peaceful protests by the Catholics, Loyalists were still continuing to ambush the organized marches in acts of aggressiveness and hatred towards the Unionists. The photograph was taken in 1969, which is at the time at which the Troubles broke out therefore it is significantly useful in telling us what events took place during the Troubles however it is limited as it doesn't really help to explain why they broke out as the troubles had already broken out hen this photograph was taken. However there are also sources which are subjective sources, and I will have to take into account that these selection of sources will probably one sided in some form, however this does not mean they are not useful because they will help to interpret what each side thought of the situation in Northern Ireland. Source D is about a Roman Catholic describing her school days, it merely highlights the fact that the Catholics believed that they were the victims in the conflicts between the two sides, she says 'her family had suffered at the hands of the ...read more.


However I have to consider why the Protestants are portrayed as being naked was it to act as propaganda and to help enhance the fact that Catholics were crude and malicious or were they actually stripped naked in order to humiliate them (the Protestants) even more. The source is useful as it helps to interpret that not only did Catholics portray the Protestants as violent (as shown in source H) but also vice versa. To conclude I think that there is not sufficient evidence laid down by the sources to conclude why the Troubles broke out in 1969, however they are useful in guiding me towards possible solutions to what caused the Troubles. I do not think there is sufficient evidence in the sources as from my own knowledge I can say that there were many other events (such as economic problems, unemployment, partition etc) which are not mentioned in the given sources therefore they do no cover the extent of information needed to draw up a conclusion. Also some of the sources are dated and an opinion or event which took place a century before the Troubles was merely going to affect a huge outbreak of violence in one hundred years later. ...read more.

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