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"It was defeat in the war, that caused the Revolution"

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"It was defeat in the war, that caused the Revolution" I am going to attempt to show that the title to this essay is true. Or is it? I am going to show how other factors might have been more important or if defeat in the war really was the cause of the Russian Revolution. One other main factor was poverty, which was ongoing. Not only did the millions of people not have anything as basic as bread, but also living conditions were described as "damp and dirty", "holes in the wall" and "legions of cockroaches". These were conditions of those with a job in various factories, who earned more than others. Families had to put up with one small draughty room. Although these people were in really bad poverty, they were still earning money, unlike peasants in villages around the towns. Of course, peasants had no say in anything. ...read more.


Thousands of scared Russians tried to flee in attempt to save their own lives. This angered the people of Petrograd, as the Tsar was seen as the father of the Petrograd people. By 1913, on the Tsar's tri-centenary celebration, flocks of people came, whether they were there to shout abuse or celebrate with, maybe they had forgiven him for the attack 11 years ago, or was this a cause of the revolution? Forgetting all about the people and their needs and wants and the cause of the revolution could actually be the Tsar himself. Taking the job, he was naive and very vulnerable, taking advice from his brothers. With the arrival of his son and his condition took up more of his time, leaving him to skip meetings and acquaint with his fellow leaders. ...read more.


For example, he ordered trains to come in with food for the people of Petrograd, and actually forgot the food, leaving trains coming in with no food on board. More people starved and food storages grew and grew. The above reasons and factors, I think, are those of some importance of what caused the Russian Revolution. When the army laid down their arms, the Tsar had no power. The effects of the 1905 also played a part. People were angered that even after 11 years, the poverty and hunger still hung around Petrograd. But if this was one of the main factors, why did it take 11 years for the people to take action? I think that the anger of the people built up and finally had to be exploded. These and the problems around the government, I think were the real cause of the Russian Revolution. Amandeep Gill 12IT Mrs Yeoman 2 ...read more.

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