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J.F.K. - President Kennedy faced many problems in the years 1961-1963 which he had to try and manage, Discuss.

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J.F.K Coursework Question 1 President Kennedy faced many problems in the years 1961-1963 which he had to try and manage. Many of these he would try to solve with little or no support from congress. Some of these problems were economic and social change, the cold war and civil rights. At the beginning of his presidency he had very little respect, as he was in his forties, which was seen to be young for a president. Most if not all of the southern population of America thought Kennedy had no experience, and loathed the fact that he was president, this was why most of the equality laws were never really enforced. But as his time went on as president he gained much more trust, respect and admiration. The biggest problem America and Kennedy had to face was the cold war, after the Second World War Germany was split equally into sections run by the different allied countries. Unfortunately Russia's section of Germany had Berlin, which was a problem because the other countries thought it was only fair to get a share of the capital city as it had most of the important assets in it. ...read more.


The American citizens saw this as a huge victory and Kennedy's respect grew. Unfortunately America and Russia did not give up the fight and still loathed each other in every manner. In 1961 the Russians broke through with the first man in space, they had already been the first country to launch an unmanned spacecraft called Sputnik into space. The Americans were seriously humiliated. But Kennedy brushed himself off, and Kennedy initiated a serious space programme, which in 1969 meant that America had a new hero after sending Neil Armstrong to the moon. Although some Americans were left wondering why the $25,000 million had not been put to a good use in America. However, Kennedy made a good impression and won over most of Americans. The Russians were also seen to threaten the 'domino effect' on other countries, particularly in South East Asia. America believed communism was spreading; this is why Kennedy felt he had to step in and send aid to South Vietnam. Kennedy authorised the sending of US 'military advisors' But the US commitment to Vietnam grew at an alarming rate. ...read more.


It then turned into a bus boycott and fortunately the blacks won because most of the bus users were black. This started the ball rolling in a way as segregation had been shunned. The next shock was when Elizabeth Eckford turned up to school one morning at a previously all whites school, segregation was eroding now and finally blacks were getting what they wanted. When Kennedy became president his 'new frontier' tried to help the poorer groups to improve their lives. Unfortunately Kennedy was not very good at handling congress and so these laws were not passed. This happened time and time again with congress not passing any laws. However he did manage to get special training schemes for poor up and running to help them and started brand new housing programmes. Martin Luther king was also a big help to Kennedy as he stood up for blacks in a pacifist manner and although was shot, did get blacks many rights which wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for him. To conclude, Kennedy faced many problems in his years and tried to make the right decision. Sometimes this was the case and unfortunately sometimes he did not make the right decision. James cook ...read more.

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