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Jack the Ripper

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Jack the Ripper Coursework Assignment. Q1. What can you learn from Source A about the murder of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls? You can learn from Source A the basic information about the two murders. It is part of a newspaper article called the East End Observer which describes the murder of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls. Although the article doesn't tell us their identity it just states "The two murders" with not much more detail except that the victims both had one thing in common that they were "the poorest of the poor". But we know that they had other things in common as well such as they were prostitutes. At the beginning it tells us that the murders "startled London" meaning that the murders took place in the East End of London because the source was published in the East End observer, but also if it startled London then the murders must have been quite extraordinary because murders were not very rare but as there were two murders then this could lead people to believe that they were linked in someway, although the article doesn't say anything about that but if you read between the lines you get the idea that someone extraordinary has happened meaning they are linked somehow. ...read more.


All sources do have some similarities, they all tell us that the killer used violence towards the victims, Sources A and B both make assumptions about the killer such as when Source A refers to the killer as a "demented being", Sources A and C both tell us that the victims were poor, Sources B and C are both written for the Police so not for the public to read and Source B and C both imply that the murder weapon was a knife, Source B states that the murderer knew "how he should use a knife" and Source C says a "long incision" in the neck "cutting the windpipe completely in two". However the three sources are all very different. The nature of Source A is different to B and C because it is a newspaper article whilst Sources B and C are official reports written by people whose job is to help the Police with murder investigations. Source A was written by someone who doesn't have much medical knowledge, and they have written it for the public and to draw them into the story so they sell more newspapers. ...read more.


Source D is the evidence of an eye witness Elizabeth Long for the inquest into the death of Annie Chapman. It is a statement where she describes the man she has seen talking to Annie before she was killed. This source is very vague and unclear, she says that the man was "dark complexioned" but it would be hard to distinguish that because it was currently nighttime so it would be dark. She also says "I think he was wearing a dark coat but I cannot be sure", which indicates that none of the information that she can give will be accurate because she couldn't be sure. In the source Elizabeth Long uses a lot of phrases like "...as far as I could tell", "He seemed to be...", "...as well as I could make out" and "what I should call..." This tells us that her account on what she saw is unreliable and details she gives about him are vague such as "wearing a deerstalker hat", "a man over forty", "a little taller than the deceased", " a foreigner" and "shabby genteel". This doesn't really narrow it down because this could many people and also contradicts what other people say. Nicole Banks 10t ...read more.

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