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Jack The Ripper

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Jack the Ripper 1. What can you learn from source A about the murder of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls? - Source A tells us that the murders were very violent, 'extraordinarily violent' and that they were shocking to the public at the time 'so startled London'. We can learn of the problems the police had finding a motive for the attacks, as the victims were the 'poorest of the poor' so they would not have been attack for money or to steal possessions. Whitechapel would not have been one of the best places for a robbery to happen as it was one of the most deprived areas in London so the motive of the murder was not financial gain. The article links the murders of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram by indicating that the police were dealing with a very violent serial killer. So therefore we can find out some useful information from the source 2. Does the evidence of source C support the evidence of sources A & B about the Ripper murders? - Source A is aimed at a very different audience, compared to Source B and Source C. As Source A is aimed at a mass market and is quite a popular tabloid newspaper as 'The Sun' or 'The Star' are today, the stories in tabloids are short, brief and don't go into a lot of factual detail. Sources B and C are both factual reports from Doctors. ...read more.


After Elizabeth Longs statement there was a lot of attention focused on the Jewish community in the east end but created no leads. Another method that the police could have used was offering a reward as shown in Source G. Although no rewards were offered as they had not been used in investigations for many years as it normally would cause more harm than it did good. This idea was brought up on the 17th September in a letter from the Home Secretary to the Mile End Vigilance Committee but at that time was not deemed necessary. And Despite more demands for a reward the home office still refused. After the two murders on 30th September, the number of police patrols increased and Police on the beat had to work night and day, seven days a week doing 14 hours shifts and walking 7.5 miles during the day and 2 miles at night, crisscrossing through streets and covering most of Whitechapel so the Ripper must have worked quickly in between when policemen crossed over one another leaving only about 5 minutes for Jack to kill. Some policemen even dressed as prostitutes to try and catch out The Ripper as there were no policewomen at this time it was not very convincing and did not help. 2000 lodgers, 76 butchers/slaughterers and sailors on the Thames where all interviewed and questioned also blood hounds were used to try to follow the scent of the killer but all of these tactics proved useless. ...read more.


Even if the police were able to track down and catch Jack the Ripper they might not have enough for an arrest as he left no evidence at the scene, the only way he could be arrested is if he confessed. The very few facts and information that the police had to go on were not particularly reliable the doctors reports could possibly be out of time, the witness reports do not match the doctors reports and you can never be sure of what people see, the 'dear boss' letters have never been proven to be from the actually Ripper and the evidence left at the Catherine Eddowes murder was tampered with. More than 90% or murders are carried out by acquaintances or friends/people known to the victims, but the Ripper murder victims appear to be complete strangers, killed because of a random meeting - being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even today murderers who kill for no apparent reason and work on chance are very difficult to catch especially if it is secretive and done carefully, leaving no trace of themselves behind. Jack the Ripper was a very cleaver or very lucky person and the police and scientific work at that time were not skilled or detailed enough to catch him, I do think that more could have been done on the part of the police but they went with what they knew at the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 5 Alison Thurgood ...read more.

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