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Jack the Ripper

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What can you learn from source A about the murder of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls? By using source A you can learn that the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls both shocked the people of London. This suggests that something of this violent nature had not been seen before and could possible have been the first killings of a serial killer. Also source A shows that both victims were really poor. This could show that because both victims were poor they turned to prostitution, and this gives a possible connection between them. Source A shows just how violent the killer was, both victims were horrifically killed, although there are no details about how the bodies were mutilated. Another strange thing the sources show is that nothing was stolen from the victims. This could show that both killings were random. Or that they were planned. Whichever one it is they were killed for a reason other than theft. Another part of source A that backs up this point was that there seemed to be an excess of effort. This supports the murders being planned, because it takes a long time to kill somebody then mutilate the body, or that they were unusually violent. Part of source A that agrees with the murders being unusually violent is the words "demented being" it hints at strong violence but does not give a description. ...read more.


It is useful because it shows just how critical the press were of the police. Overall, whereas Source D is helpful because it shows what the killer could have looked like and describes a very common looking person, helping the ripper escape, it has too many problems with the time the source was reported and the fact that the suspect was viewed from behind. Source E is more useful because it gives more convincing reasons and a lager range of reasons why the ripper escaped and put extra pressure on the police Use Sources F and G, and your own knowledge, to explain how the police tried to catch Jack The Ripper. After the first few murders the police started to try and catch jack the ripper. The first method used was the Bobby on the Beat, this was a policeman patrolling on the streets. The "bobby" was meant to keep watch and was used to scare The ripper and to catch him, it was a good idea but because of the many alleys it was hard to observe every single one at the same time and still gave the ripper chances to escape. However there were too few policemen around to be efficient. Another method the police started to use was detective methods, for example they started to follow suspicious characters. ...read more.


The press did not help either, they confused the public and tried to make the police look bad. And also there was no reward given for the capture of the ripper, which meant there was little motive for people to try and help the police, leaving everything to be done by the police and making it hard for them. Overall I think that the police were to blame to a certain extent. They did not seem interested in the murder and they didn't handle the little evidence and help given very well, but this wasn't entirely there fault as they had been trained this way the sources show that there was some confusion about the murders because none of the sources can show any possible links or reasons for the murders. And the police did try to find out more as the murders went on. They were not to blame for not being able to use forensics because they didn't have the understanding that we have now about fingerprints, DNA and photography and how important it is in murder cases such as this. By the end of the Ripper murders the police had stepped up there security and where trying harder, but if they had done it after the first few murders then maybe the ripper would have been caught. Basically the police were inexperienced, understaffed and in competent. Only one of the three is there fault ...read more.

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