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Jack the Ripper

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? The police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper because there had been no serial killers before that day, so the police were shocked and confused. It made it harder that the murders were struck in Whitechapel, which is a maze of alleys and runways there was a lack of lighting facilities at night with gaps. Sadly these places were also deal for brutal attacks to occur, Jack the Ripper murders. Also the murders were unexpected, so without modern forensic techniques they were unable to make the links that we do today. Instead they had to compare evidence to find possible similarities, for example, footprints, killing techniques, killing pattern. ...read more.


However some chose not to get involved as there was a lack of reward, so the people thought it was safer not to. The police did not offer a reward for catching the Ripper because it would have attracted too much attention. Added to this Jack the Ripper left no physical evidence of his crimes, back then the police mostly relied on catching somebody in the act, or having a accomplice turn them in. Neither of these happened in this case. The quickness of the killings and the accuracy lead the police to believe that the Ripper may have been in some way a man with a medical background, or a butcher. ...read more.


In conclusion I feel that the police force were under a lot of pressure, therefore I thought it was hard for them to concentrate, plus with dealing with the press and public as well. Also it was less likely for them to catch Jack the Ripper because of poor resources in the time, so the murders of Jack the Ripper still lays a mystery. It was the police forces duty to carry out this responsibility but unfortunately they were unable to do so. Jack the Rippers escape was very damaging to the police at the time, and they would have done anything to clear their embarrassment of the Whitechapel crimes. ...read more.

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