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Jack The Ripper Assignment

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Jack The Ripper Assignment 1. From looking at the newspaper article on source A, I can determine the following information regarding the murder of Polly Nichols. Firstly, I can ascertain that it was the second of the Whitechapel murders. I can draw this conclusion from the first few words 'the two murders which have so startled London'. The second point we can learn from this article is that the killer had no apparent motive for the killings, supposedly because money wasn't missing from his victims; 'no adequate motive in the shape of plunder can be traced'. Also, the article tells us that the victims have been 'the poorest of the poor' Even though these pieces of information are product of the media, they appear to be true, as there would be no need for the newspaper to sensationalise such facts. The source also suggests the killer is a 'demented being', due to the 'extraordinary violence' exhibited in each of his murders. Finally, the source makes reference to the 'excess of effort' used by the killer 2. The report of Dr. Frederick Blackwell on the body of Elizabeth Stride supports the coroner's report on source B when it states that 'in the neck, there was a long incision which commenced on the left side, two and a half inches below the jaw, cutting the windpipe completely in two'. ...read more.


Firstly, they wrote about 80,000 leaflets to the public, urging them to pass on any information they might have. Oddly however, there were no rewards offered by the state for capture of the ripper. This was because home secretary, Henry Matthews forbade it saying it had caused more harm than good in previous cases and that 'there is nothing in the circumstances of the present case to justify a departure from this rule.' Yet still, there was a private reward offered by M.P Mr. Samuel Montagu of �100. The police also put up posters in an attempt to encourage other prostitutes, or people living in the area to give evidence to the police. The police also offered the witnesses money, protection, or a meal once they had given valuable evidence. The police also encouraged prostitutes to go round in twos. Some carried knives with them for protection. The police even dressed up as prostitutes and roamed the streets in search for him. Unfortunately, some of the evidence given by the witnesses was very anti- Semitic and suggested the ripper was foreign or Jewish- taking the police off the trail. ...read more.


Senior police officer, Sir Charles Warren in charge of the case ordered this writing to be erased before any photograph could be taken of it, due to his fear of anti-Semitic riots taking place as a consequence of this getting out. Warren did not even compromise by willing to erase or cover up the word "Juwes" only. One of the theories is, that a disgruntled customer of one of the local Jewish craftsmen's shops may have just written this graffiti to express his anger. The only thing linking this graffiti to the Eddowes murder was a tiny piece of Eddowes's apron found nearby. Source A mentions the victims being 'the poorest of the poor'. This is important, as maybe the police weren't worried as much about the poor people. Also this suggests that the killings may have been in hard to reach places for the police. Source B mentions the 'anatomical skill and knowledge' required to carry out such murders. Maybe such a man could also have enough knowledge to be able to out wit the police. Source F, the leaflet is another reminder of the police effort to stop the Ripper getting away, but it could also have let the Ripper know of the police involvement too much. ...read more.

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