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Jack the Ripper - By studying source A which is part of an article published in the East-end observer describing the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholas.

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Coursework Jack the Ripper 1. By studying source A which is part of an article published in the East-end observer describing the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholas. The observer published this article so that it could inform the public about the murders that had taken place. The primary source informs us more about the murders the murder of Polly Nicholas was "very singular" that was because she was one of the "poorest of the poor" there was no reason for the murder as she had no plunder this meant that there was nothing that could have been traced. The article suggests that only a "demented being" would have done this because of the "extraordinary violence" that had been carried out during the murders. So by looking at source A we can learn a lot of information about the murder of Polly Nicholas. 2. By looking at all of the evidence in sources A part of an article published in the East-end observer to inform the public about the murders of Martha Taram and Polly Nicholas. and source B part of the coroner's report of the death of Polly Nicholas which was written to show the cause of death. I can see that the two sources do not support the evidence that has been given in source C which is Dr Fredrick Blackwell's report on the body of Elizabeth Stride. Sources A and B impose that only a "demented being" would have done the brutal attacks. While source C does not mention any idea of a mad man doing this to support this Dr Fredrick Blackwell described the appearance of the deceased Elizabeth Stride's face as "Placid" suggesting that she suffered no stress or shock before she was murdered. Source B strongly states that only someone with great skill and knowledge of a body would have been able to inflict the injures on the victim. ...read more.


Another method that was popular in the police was publicity the police would send out many leaflets and put up posters in the area to inform the public about what was happening and to apply for help in the case. The police also increased the amount of police that were on the beat the theory behind this was that if there were more police they might be able to catch the Ripper in the act. All of these methods were useful and make the police a little closer to catching the Ripper especially increasing the police that were patrolling the area; therefore there was more chance of catching him. 5. I think that the police are partly to blame but not all of the blame must be placed on them. The reason I say this is because the evidence that the police received was not accurate this was not the police's fault. With no clear evidence it was impossible for the police to get a result. By the Home Secretary not offering a reward it hammered the investigation and may have put people off going to the police with any extra information that may have helped. The problem was that when the police received lots of information about the case of Jack the Ripper they found it very hard to select information that could help them because they had to go through everything by hand unlike today's age where they use computer to select useful resources saving a lot of useful time. Source G part of a letter from the Home Secretary to the Mile End vigilance this source was written on the 17th September explaining that they will not give a reward to the police to hand out to any one who comes forward with useful information. This sources supports my statement of the police were partly to blame because if they had offered a reward there may have been more chance that people would have come forward. ...read more.


Members of the public were allowed to the crime scene and to walk all over it this was destroying any evidence like a footprint. By the last murder the police did not move anything or let others in, they were then more likely to find more evidence. This shows that the police had learned their lesson by the last murder. With the Jack the Ripper case we can relate it to recent events of the American sniper. The sniper has killed 10 victims including 1 child. On each shooting there has been many witnesses given accurate evidence. Which they did not get in the Jack the Ripper case. A white van that the suspect may have used to drive away in, was took in for forensic test's they could not do this in the case of Jack the Ripper case because what they do today is advanced technology. Today they can match DNA samples. This could then lead the police to the person who had been committing the shootings. The sniper like Jack the Ripper has attacked in a enclosed area. The snipers victims have all been in a 80 mile radius. Also like Jack the Ripper the sniper left notes for the police warning them that there "children are not safe". While comparing the two events I can see that the sniper has been much easier to catch because of modern day technology to help solve crime. My conclusion on the Jack the Ripper case is that the police could have done better at some things like not rubbing the writing away and possible offering a reward under certain guidelines and being better police men by not being drunk all the time, then the public may have had more faith and trust in the police. By doing all of that it may have helped to catch the Ripper. But other thing were not the police fault like no accurate information this was something that the police could not control and was out of their hands so I think that the police were partly to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper. ...read more.

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