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Jack the Ripper Coursework.

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Jack the Ripper Coursework. Assignment Two: Objective 2 and 3 1) From the article we can see that the victims were both prostitutes, very poor ones at that, which made the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls alike. Allegedly by the same degenerate. It would be suggested that Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram did nothing to provoke such an attack but were murdered spontaneously due to the fact that they had nothing a murderer could possibly want. This source could potentially be a feeble source though as it is merely a newspaper article from the 'East End Observer', newspapers tend to focus on whatever would get the most readers rather than telling the facts. Then again, it was written near the time of the murders and they got the times correct so it could be reliable. The article also says, 'the excess of effort has been apparent in each murder', this tells us that the killer had intent to kill and a certain amount of knowledge how he wished to murder his victim. 2) Source A is an article from the East End Observer telling about the murders of the two prostitutes, Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram. ...read more.


Due to there being narrow streets they would have looked dark and dingy. As a result complexions of people would logically look darker. It is written that the accused wore a 'deerstalker hat'. This helps understand why the ripper was able to avoid capture. Additionally, it states he was a foreigner, this report was taken extremely seriously and the police acted immediately to track down a foreigner that matched this uncertain description. 4) Source F is a leaflet made by the police just after the death of Elizabeth Stride and Kate Eddowes. It gives no information about the appearance of Jack the Ripper, just about the times of death and to look out for anyone suspicious. In Source G written by the Home Secretary to the Mile End Vigilance on 17th Sept. 1888, states that they weren't giving rewards out for information which dramatically reduced the chances of capturing Jack. There was a door to door search for evidence. If the door was answered, the police usually got the same type of responses. Another way, which was frequently used, was the use of bloodhounds. ...read more.


There was no pattern to help the police. Source J is a photograph of the site where Annie Chapman died. It shows that there are houses all near this site, so some people must have seen or head something, when only 3 people came forward with sightings. A reward would have helped in this situation making the public more willing to offer information to the police. This photo does show that the Ripper could work in open spaces without being captured, which shows how clever he was in not getting caught. Using my own knowledge there are lots of reasons for the police to be blamed. There was a lack of information for the police to use but the information they did have they wasn't used properly, like the descriptions after the death of Annie Chapman, which was disregarded just because their times didn't correspond with the time of the coroners time of death. When they questioned suspects they let them go far too soon and didn't look carefully at them, just like they did with 'leather Apron' that was taking money from prostitutes, even if he wasn't the Ripper they should have investigated further. Scott Stamp - Year 11 History. ...read more.

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