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JACK THE RIPPER COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENTS 1. Study source A. What can you learn from Source A about the murders of Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls? From reading source A you can learn that these murders had frightened London hence the use of the word ' startled'. These two murders were unexpected because the victims were 'the poorest of the poor' meaning they had no money and were killed for a different reason. The article does not also mention the profession of these women as prostitutes. You learn that there is no reason or motive to kill these women. The article also reveals that time and precision was taken to kill the victims - "the excess of effort" and that the murders were carried out by a madman- 'work of a demented being'. Also, the vicious and horrific ways that the killings were carried out are written in the article as 'extraordinary violence' but does not reveal how the bodies were killed. The article also shows that possibly the two murders are linked for the reason that these murders are written in the same article and not separately. The newspaper article withholds information about the identity of the victims. The article has the community worried, as anyone could be the next victim in the East End. However, we cannot rule out that the information in the article maybe wrong due to how the information was gathered and may have been exaggerated to sell more newspapers. ...read more.


However, we must also question this source because it was an article published in a newspaper, which purpose is to sell and make money. The article may well not be correct, however maybe false and exaggerated so people will buy the newspaper. Also, many people were very critical to the police and resented them and many people did not trust them. Therefore, it is easy to see how the Ripper got away with these murders from these two sources because of a lack of evidence provided and the way the police acted at the beginning to these murders and ignored the public demands. 4. Study sources F and G. Use sources F and G and your own knowledge, to explain how the police tried to capture Jack the Ripper. The police tried to capture Jack The Ripper in many ways. Firstly, source F is a leaflet published after the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Kate Eddowes. This leaflet shows the police asking for help in their investigation to catch Jack the Ripper by trying to find witnesses, informers or anyone who had any information. However, this method to catch the Ripper was not successful due to the general public not trusting the police. The police also began to question local people and interview anyone who looked suspicious or was foreign and door-to-door investigations. The police began to target and aim their investigation mainly on people who had basic dissection and anatomical knowledge-for example butchers and slaughterers. ...read more.


Source A also says: " no adequate motive". Fourthly, the police forces were under a lot of pressure from the public, the media and even the government. Many people resented and did not trust the police. They believed they could not protect the public. The media, such as newspapers, criticised the police and published many hoax letters, this misled the police, as they had to investigate. The police were under pressure to catch the killer or would be thought as a failure. The public expected results, due to the continuous murders the police had lost the support of the public. One of the main reasons why the police could not catch the Ripper was due to technology. There was no forensic evidence, finger printing, and DNA evidence. Sources B, C and H shows that these killing were very professional and had left very few clues, which the police could follow up on. If there were technology such as security and surveillance cameras, they would have been able to catch the Ripper. Due to limited evidence and technology it would have been difficult to capture the Ripper. Therefore, the police were not to blame for not capturing the Ripper. If these murders were happening today, the police in a matter of days could catch the murderer, maybe hours due to technological advances and forensic evidence. In my opinion, even though the police lost the trust and support of the public and media, they did everything in their power to try and catch Jack The Ripper. By Muna Ali 10K8 10BHI1 Ms Redmond ?? ?? ?? ?? Muna Ali 10K8 Ms Redmond-History Coursework ...read more.

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