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Jack the ripper coursework - question 1 & 2

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Study Source A What can you learn from source A about the murders of Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls? From Source A, I can infer that the article is written to sensationalise the recent events and to shock the audience of the time. The source is an article from the East End observer and uses lots of emotive language to emphasise the importance of the recent incidents, for example it states that the events "startled London". The source claims that the killings "are the work of a demented being". This suggests that the author of the source found the events so shocking and extraordinary that he/she believed it could only be done by someone insane. Source A also tells us that these victims were the "poorest of the poor" insinuating that they were the vulnerable destitutes of Whitechapel. ...read more.


Another inference I can make is that the source suggests that the two murders were linked. It implies that they were both around the same time and both attacks were targeted at the "poorest of the poor". This implies that it was only the destitute people of Whitechapel were attacked; and in this case, the prostitutes. The weakness of the source is that it is clearly over exaggerated in order to shock the readers and to sell papers. Study Sources A, B and C Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about the Ripper murders? Explain your answers Source C is a doctor's report written by Dr. Frederick Blackwell of how the victim, Elizabeth Stride, was found after her death; written to inform. ...read more.


Source C has lots of detail as it is written by a professional who had seen the body, whereas source B, which is also written by a professional, lacks the same amount of detail as source C. From source C, I can infer that the author of the source thought that the murderer was very skilled at what he was doing as it mentions how he cuts the windpipe "completely in two". Source B supports this information and suggest that the injuries have been made by someone who had considerable "anatomical skill and knowledge." From the sources, I can see that Source B supports the information from source C, but Source A doesn't. I think this may be because Source's B and C are both written by professionals who actually viewed the body at the scene of the crime, whereas source A is a newspaper article, written to sensationalise the events. ...read more.

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