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Jack the Ripper coursework questions

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Question 1 From source A we can learn how both Polly Nicholls as well as Martha Tabram, being the poorest of poor, had been brutally murdered, by the same person was unknown. With source A being a newspaper article claiming how "a demented being" murdered these two and from this we know it's in singular terms meaning one person. Also the fact that both of the murders startled London tells us that London had never seen violence to a degree like this and was completely shocked at it. In addition to this we know how the people were surprised that poor prostitutes had been attacked. We can also learn how the newspaper would exaggerate their point to sell as much as many newspapers as they could, making this unreliable and might have stated untrue points or false information. These prostitutes were viewed on as worthless and a nuisance to society and there was really no reason for killing them except for some psychotic, vengeful or some other reason. Question 2 Source C being a doctors report it is meant to be as accurate as possible stating the true and right facts and only the right facts. Here Source C differs from source A being a newspaper article of which would over exaggerate the point and main purpose was to sell its papers. Source B comes from yet another professional view with it being from a Coroner who would know what they were talking about, in Source B it mentions how "the injuries have been made by someone who had considerable anatomical skill and knowledge" and who knew what they were trying to hit, e.g. ...read more.


Some aspects of their investigations proved useful, others however completely pointless. It appeared that Jack the Ripper was always one step ahead of the police and was able to remain uncaptured even after killing a total of five victims in just a short space of time (from August 30 1888 to November 9 1888). The probability was that Jack the Ripper was a quiet recluse type who remained un- noticed but probably lived in the Whitechapel area in 1888 as all of the murders were committed in the same basic area, indicating the killer knew his way around the streets and was therefore able to go undetected and as history proved unfound. The close proximity of the killings was terrifying for the people living in the Whitechapel area at the time and London's East end was filled with terror. In their attempt to capture Jack the Ripper the Police force used the methods that were available at their disposal at the time. One of these was leaflet distribution (as noted in source F.) This source proved reliable as it is a police leaflet and comes from a professional view as it has come from the police. Its usefulness varies with certain statements such as "should you know of any person to whom suspicion is attached." This had been completely pointless as no one would come forth with any information and instead of moving the police forward it hinders them even more. Approximately 80,000 leaflets were handed out from door to door appealing to anyone that may have known of anything suspicious. A reward was not offered for any information provided because many people may have come forward with false claims which would have hindered the investigation giving false leads. ...read more.


Lack of police communication, modern technology, forensic science are all contributing factors to how difficult it was to clamp down on crime in the late 1800's. Though the police seemed to have a lazier attitude back then they had also never encountered a serial killing spree like that of Jack the Ripper and with limited access to the appropriate aids all they had were themselves the police force who proved to be extremely inexperienced. The fact that London streets were filled with drunken paupers and prostitutes and smog filled conditions would most certainly have added difficulty to capturing Jack the Ripper. The unexpected methods of the killings shocked the police as well as the public and they simply did not have the resources or know how to deal with it. In conclusion it's fair to say that the ignorance of the police force in the 1800's was partly to blame for the loss of these lives. Stubbornness between the two police forces not sharing evidence may have been a hindrance to the solving of this case. Not enough investigation was carried out and attention to detail was ignored. The police should have been persistent with door to door investigations enquiring about possible suspects who were not well known in the community but had sound knowledge of human anatomy etc... Lack of public awareness also contributed as people were not given enough warning until it was too late. Life continued as normal even after the first murder whereas the police should have been more vigilant. Being an opportunist Jack the ripper took advantage of the slack police awareness and was able to carry out these gruesome murders. The police were most definitely accountable for the lose of these lives. ...read more.

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