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Jack the Ripper History Coursework

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Jack the Ripper History Coursework By Chris Rowland 1) Study Source A What can you learn from source A about the murders of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram? Looking at the source A, I can see that the murders of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram were linked. The source tells us that the two women were 'of the poorest of the poor'. Both women were prostitutes. The source suggests that the murders were committed by a 'demented being'; this was because of the 'extraordinary violence'. This would led me to think that these murders were committed by the same person which they were thought to be at that time, but know other sources and specialists believe that that these two murders may have been committed by two different people. You cannot rely on this source too much because it is a newspaper article that means the information has probably been sensationalised, because it is only interested in the news value. This newspaper leaves out many bits of information on the murders, like where they took place (George Yard and Bucks Row) and when they happened. 2) Study Sources A, B and C. Does the evidence of source c support the evidence of source A and B about the Ripper Murders? Source C is a report by Doctor on the body of Elizabeth Stride. Source B is a coroners report on the death of Polly Nicholls. ...read more.


The police tried to contain the panic as much as possible; they did this by rubbing off the message on the wall near the murder of Catherine Eddowes, which said the Jews would not be blamed for nothing. As the Jews were already disliked in the area they would be blamed, this was also a bad thing because the writing may have been the Rippers handwriting, which would have helped the CID in catching the ripper. Fredrick Abberline was put in charge of this investigation; he had been in the police force for 25 years and lived in Whitechaple. This meant he had knowledge of all the streets and knew some of the prostitutes and their pimps. He acted quickly and was the best man for the job. There were limitations on the CID because they where only just formed and was not experienced in solving murder cases like this before, which was probably the main factor of why Jack the Ripper was not caught. 5) Study all of the Sources 'The police were to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper' Use the sources and your own Knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view. The police did many things to try and catch Jack the Ripper, but they never did. Many people have different views on whether the police were to blame for this. Some people say the police were to blame simply because they didn't catch him, but you have to look at all the evidence before you can make a judgement. ...read more.


This is probably over exaggerated a little because it is a newspaper, but it still a very true, the police didn't have much true information to go on. These were the first murders like this, so with no information, how could the police catch him? I know that the police did interview over 2,000 lodgers, which they tried to get as much information as they could. They also had lots of officers on the streets and lots of men went undercover, dressed as prostitutes to try and catch the ripper, but if the Ripper had known this then he would be more careful making it even harder for the police to catch him. Many people pretended to be Jack the Ripper so they could get food and somewhere to sleep overnight, which meant the police had no idea who was lying and who was telling the truth. The public did not trust them and they did not offer much help and information. There were no accurate descriptions, which would confuse the police. The most important factor I think is that the police had just been established and this kind of thing had never happened before. They also had no technology to use, which would have made it hard. I think that the police were not to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper. They could have done some things much better, but you have to remember this was there first time. Capturing criminals nowadays is hard but doing it in 1888 with no real clues and no technology must have been near impossible. By Chris Rowland Chris Rowland ...read more.

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