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Jack the Ripper - Source A. What can you learn from source a about the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls?

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Claire Wightman Mrs Lobley March 2003-03-10 Jack the Ripper coursework Question1: Source A. What can you learn from source a about the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls? Source A is part of an article in the East End observer describing the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls. It is therefore a primary source of evidence with a fairly reliable purpose of informing the public of the eastend. ...read more.


We can also learn the context of the murders, 'the victims have been the poorest of the poor, and no adequate motive in the shape of plunder.' From this statement we can imply that the murders were done in cold blood and not calculated robberies. It could also be suggested that the Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram did nothing to provoke such an attack but were murdered spontaneously due to the fact that they had nothing a murderer could possibly want. ...read more.


Therefore we can conclude that the article tells us the murder of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram were vicious random attacks and not they did not provoke their killer. In each case extreme and previously planned violence was used, this violence was not familiar to the area and caused panic and hysteria. Although it is not confirmed the two murders are linked source A tells us they were and highlights similaritys. ...read more.

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