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Jack the Ripper - source related study.

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Jack the Ripper Coursework 1) From source A we can learn that the murder of Polly Nicholls was a very violent one and the observer describes the murderer as a 'Demented being' this is suggesting that the murder was very violent. The source suggests that the murder of Polly Nicholls is linked to that of Martha Tabram. We also learn that there was no apparent motive for the murders. The victims were the poorest of the poor; they were prostitutes who had no way of making money but to sell them selves on the street. London was particularly surprised by the brutality of the murders because these sort of serial murders have never happened in London before. 2) Sources A, B and C all support each other because they all show extreme violence and the murderer used a knife in all of the sources. However sources C and B were both written by professionals who were investigating the murder. They suggest that the murderer has anatomical knowledge of the human body and therefore he might have been a doctor or an animal slaughterer (They couldn't tell the difference between animal and human blood.) ...read more.


The ripper would've used the dirty streets of East London to make his getaway, this suggests that he knew the area quite well and he must have lived local. 4) Sources F and G give us a lot of information as to how the police tried to catch Jack the Ripper. They used a method of anyone who is a suspicious person should be reported, as we learn from source F. So the investigation got out of hand because they interviewed too many people and wasted a lot of police time. Many of these people were suspicious looking foreigners and were totally innocent; they were just victims of a stereotypical society. As the Jewish population was rising due to fleeing from Russia, and they came to the East End because of the low rent and few questions were asked. So the occupiers of Whitechapel were very suspicious of the new Jewish and Polish newcomers. This wasted a lot of police time searching for the Ripper by doing this. ...read more.


So the City of London police wanted the Met to just stop and let them take over the investigation, but the Met didn't let them so it just turned into a battle between the two police forces. This certainly was not helpful to finding the Ripper. The writing that was left on the wall of one of the murders said; 'The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing' it was wiped off before any photos could be taken because it could've caused a national uprising against the Jews. That could have been a major piece of evidence that was lost by the police. However the police probably did the best they could in the context of the 19th century because they didn't have the resources and were inexperienced at catching 'Serial' murderers and forensic science was unknown. Therefore no DNA testing would occur nor could finger printing or distinguishing animal from human blood. Source A shows there was no apparent motive and this type of crime is particularly difficult to solve, even today. Therefore the question 'The police were to blame for not catching the Ripper' I think is partially correct. James Havis Jack The Ripper History Essay ...read more.

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