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Jack the ripper - Source related work.

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2) Study Source A, B and C Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Source A and B about the Ripper murders? Explain your answer. Source C supports the evidence of Source B but not Source A because this can be explained by Source B and Source C being more precise and giving a very detailed account of the murder but also both bodies being analysed by two different medical examiners with anatomical knowledge which shows us that Source C supports Source B because of the precise detail used in both murders which have been described similarly by two different medical workers with anatomical knowledge but also on two different bodies which show us that the murderer used similar tactics to kill both of his victims and in spite Source B and ...read more.


Source C also supports Source A because both sources are comparing and regarding the apparent lack of motive in the murders because Source A mentions how the victims are poor and by my knowledge they were all prostitutes which shows they had little money which the source shows both in Source A and C which they had little money which I drew a conclusion that the murders had a apparent lack of motive. However Source C contradicts Source A because Martha Tabram had meaningless cuts where as both Source B and C suggests that there are precise and meaningful use of the knife on both victims but the source preferred the stabs in Source B and C of a murderer with anatomical skill and not just meaningless cuts which occur in Martha Tabram's murder. ...read more.


Source C supported Source B mainly just because of the similarity of the medical reports and the precise detail of both medical workers of the cuts and stabs in both bodies. Also I believe that mainly Source C supported Source B mainly because both sources were medical reports so no words could be changed around because they were written up by medical workers where as Source A is from a newspaper article so all the words are changed in source because of publicity reasons and a way for them to make money so no way would Source C support Source A because Source C is a medical report and Source A is newspaper article which are never true so both sources can never ever relate just because of the origin of where the source came from. ...read more.

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