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Jack the Ripper- Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention?

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Jack the Ripper- Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention? Jack the Ripper is probably the most infamous serial killer the world has known. He was the first recorded serial killer to be known in Britain and his killing's shocked not only the British public, but the people of other nations to. Communication was basic in 19th century but news of Jack the Ripper spread worldwide. The fact that Jack the Ripper was never caught further gave the media the opportunity hype up stories and create a major panic. As news papers do in modern society, stories were exaggerated beyond truth. This attracted more buyers for newspapers and any one who was slightly suspicious was accused of being the Ripper. At the beginning of the murders nobody seemed to care about the fact that all the victims were prostitutes and that the reason for their murders were motiveless, however soon after many people began to recognise the coincidences between the victims mutilations and horror of each murders attracted a high magnitude of attention after this. Whitechapel was a downtrodden area in the East-End of London. ...read more.


Later that night she was found dead ten minutes from the station in Mitre Square, Aldgate. From her corpse it is said a trail of blood led to a wall where the message, 'The Jewes are not men to be blamed for nothing', was written in chalk. This vital piece of evidence was scrubbed off and never used. This also created major suspicion of the Sir Charles Warren. It was said that he believed that if people see this message the Jews who populated the east end of London would be targeted. However people had doubt about whether this was true and this gave the newspapers another story to tell. The news had been linking various suspects to each case and it was believed there was a Masonic connection. As Warren was a mason himself the newspaper indulged in writing more stories and exaggerations. The incorrect spelling of Juwes meant to be 'Jews' was linked by the newspapers to the 3 Jewes of Solomon's temple who were masons, Jubela, Jubelo and Jebulum. Again this sold more papers and worried citizens as the Masons were regarded as dangerously weird people. The fifth and most horrific murder of 'The Autumn of Terror' was that of Mary Jane Kelly. ...read more.


One letter that was said to be real was the 'Dear Boss' letter. This letter was signed 'Jack the Ripper'. The dear boss letter gave the killer his infamous name. The gazettes didn't care whether the letters were genuine or not. They still shook the police and the public. The letters helped shift newspaper and create more attention. In my opinion, one of the reasons the Ripper murders attracted so much attention was because of the newspapers that were out to make money. They deliberately printed article they new were not true and this attracted the attention of the world eyes. Another reason the murders attracted so much attention was because the people of London were not used to serial homicidal killings. In modern societies these things are more common but back in Victorian London it was a new era for crime. The brutality of the murders also caused a lot of attention in my opinion. Even in our societies today where murders are more common, such murders where victims are slaughtered like animals would create a lot of news coverage and public attention. In all I believe it is all this that made the Whitechapel murder receive so much attention. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gary Cummins Candidate no. 1036 Centre no. 61121 ...read more.

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