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Jarrow: questions 3, 4 and 5 (sources)

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3. Study sources D and E How useful are the sources d and e in helping you to understand the effects of the great depression upon the people in Jarrow? Source d is a text based report written by the Jarrow public health committee, published in 1933 it is written to give information. it tells us that Jarrow is suffering. Source d is useful because it gives us detailed information about the living conditions of the people in Jarrow. it tells us the environment in Jarrow in 1933.it is part of an report from the Jarrow public health committee, published in 1933.it is useful because the information given may be reliable and not bias to one side because it is given to us by people that are trusted and know about there job but we also have to take in account that it might be biased as it could have been published to show the bad state Jarrow was in for sympathy and to get help from the government so therefore it could have been over exaggerated. They might of did this because at that time Jarrow was in need of help as most people in Jarrow was out of jobs and desperately needed the governments help. Source d also gives a very detailed description about what it is like to live in Jarrow in 1933 and what the people in Jarrow are living through which tells us that Jarrow has a lot of problems going on in 1933 to cause the living conditions to be so bad. ...read more.


But both of the sources are only useful to some extent because it doesn't give us enough information on the great depression and the sources are limited. In both of the sources the great depression wasn't even mentioned once. We also do not know if these problems are cause by the great depression there can be many reasons for these problems to occur. I think that source e is probably a better and more useful source as it talks about the whole of Jarrow unlike source d as it only talks about one family and one house out of the many houses and families in Jarrow. It also explores a larger proportion of people and talks about the nation too so we are able to compare Jarrow with the rest of the world. 4. Study source F and H Use sources F and H and your own knowledge to explain why the Jarrow crusade took place. Jarrow is a small town in England it was most famous for its shipbuilding. Most people in the town depended upon shipyards and shipbuilding. Jarrow was one of the worst affected towns of all during the great depression. The depression is an economic depression, business just isn't working and most people was unemployed and went bankrupt. it started in America and had affected the whole world .it all started because of the wall street crash in 1929 when the us stock market crashed in October 1929. ...read more.


There were fewer warships being built and after 1929 fewer and fewer cargo ships. In the early 1930s orders dried up completely. "There was no prospect of a job and the streets were becoming dilapidated" as stated in source this shows that Jarrow is suffering and has many problems. Many people say that these problems were cause by the policies of the national government but on the other hand many people have different views and reasons for Jarrow's problems. People agree with the statement "Jarrow's problems were caused by the policies of the national government" because "in 1930 the national ship builder's security LTD was set up" this meant that the old shipyards was closed including one of the main shipyards the palmers. During the clasp of Jarrow Stanley Baldwin was prime minister and although the government was a coalition of different parties it was mainly conservative. This meant they expected people to be able to sort out their own problems instead of relying on help from the government. This meant that the government would do very little to help Jarrow even before the clasp of Jarrow. If the government had helped Jarrow from the start then maybe Jarrow wouldn't have to be in such state. also if the government didn't shut 0.down the old shipyards then the people of Jarrow would still have jobs and then they would be able to feed there family instead of having to go "without a meal on Sunday in order to feed the children" and having to "patch up" all their clothes. ...read more.

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