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JFK - John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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Kennedy JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was of Irish decent. He was born n Brookline (Massachusetts) on May 19th in 1917. He came from a political family, his dad was an ambassador to Britain. His family were very wealthy. He graduated from Harvard in 1940, He also wrote a prize-wining book in 1952. Kennedy was known as a war Hero as his Pt boat was sunk in the war he gave up his life jacket and led his crew to safety in perilous waters. He began his political career in 1953, as he was a Democratic Congressman and advanced to Senate. In 1956 he almost gained the Democratic vote. Kennedy became president in 1961. Whilst he was president he created peace in Cuba and gained Civil Rights for the black American people who were discriminated against amongst the whit American people. In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald whilst on a demonstration to Dallas Texas assassinated him. In respect to how he was so popular and created peace in Cuba I believe he was successful. During his presidency Kennedy faced many problems. One of these problems was the Segregation Laws introduced by the state legislature, all this meant that there would be no one places where white and black people could be at the same time. ...read more.


Kennedy was the main reason why Civil Rights Act was so successful. Kennedy asked for a legislation to be passed so that everyone on America would be part of the same community and that all people of America would use the same restaurants, stores and other public facilities. Also Kennedy did more than any other had done before him as he had altogether appointed 40 African Americans to senior posts including 5 as Federal judges. Kennedy had also appointed his brother Robert as an attorney General which made him head of the justice department. As head of justice he bought 57 lawsuits against local official for obstructing African Americans who wished to register a vote. Kennedy created the Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity. This made sure that jobs were given equally between Americans and the American African races. In the film 13 Days it shows Kennedy as being calm under pressure as president of U.S.A. He is given many choices but decides to make his own mind up about how he dealt with the problems. This showed Kennedy to be a strong and dependable president, it shows us that Kennedy does not feel intimidated by the Russian Soviets and does not feel pressurised into making any decision, we see this as he stands up to Khrushchev and the other Soviet Generals. ...read more.


Other reasons to how Kennedy could be successful such as the way he handled the Cuba missile crises and how he heroically saved his crewmen on his ship and also how he made great contribution to the Civil rights act. These interpretations of Kennedy have come about many different ways. It is said that Kennedy manipulated the media to enforce that he was seen as successful, also to cover many things up like his connections with the mafia and his sex addiction. We now have modern portrayals of Kennedy like the films "JFK" and "13 Days" which show Kennedy in a different light to how we know he was. The death of Kennedy at the time when he manipulated the media and was loved by his country was truly devastating, but we have the benefit of hindsight plus we were not emotionally involved with his death, therefore we judge his character on all evidence that came out on a later date not just what happened at the time. For example in 1975 the world found out about Operation Mongoose, the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro. However the positive interpretations of Kennedy have come from the sources that wrote about Kennedy at his presidency, also those who were emotionally involved Greg Stephens 11G ...read more.

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