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John F Kennedy

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Q4. To what extent do sources A, F and G give a full and accurate assessment of Kennedy's actions and abilities? Source A is a Democratic Poster during the 1960 Presidential Election campaign. It predicts what Kennedy will be like as President but doesn't actually tell us what he has done, therefore it is unable to give us an insight to Kennedy's actions or abilities because he isn't able to do anything yet. It is also unreliable because it is a deliberate attempt to get democrats to vote for Kennedy, it is also inadequate because of this. It's adequacy is questionable because it is confined to a group of people that aren't a representation of the whole nation but only the Democratic view at that time. ...read more.


Source F is an extract from William Manchester's novel "one brief shining moment", it exaggerates Kennedy's actions during the Cuban Missile crisis. It claims that he saved the world from communists and nuclear destruction. This source is unreliable because it is a hagiography an was edited by Jackie Kennedy. It is also depicted about what it says, it claims that Kennedy was the greatest man alive and is very selective in what it contains. In terms of adequacy and limitations it has very selective remembrance of Kennedy during his term as president. It is also a hagiography edited by Jackie Kennedy, limiting it to the specific things in which she wants people to know. ...read more.


Source G is unreliable as it is sacrificial, and may be partisan. It is clearly aimed at a republican audience or neutrals in order to portray Kennedy in a bad light by using simple techniques. It is inadequate as it is confined to a limited period of time. It is a simple cartoon and is biased against Kennedy quite profusely. Source G's content shows us how people felt about him and that people didn't feel he was perfect during his time as president only after his assassination. It also shows that people thought he was correct in his bullying of Krushchev and Castro. In terms of provenance it shows what a republican audience felt about him during his time as president. ?? ?? ?? ?? Glenn Morrison 5D ...read more.

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