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John Wyndham's The Chrysalids - Discuss and describe the entire setting of the World in the book - What has happened to the world as we know it?

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Ken Chi Block B DISCUSS AND DESCRIBE THE ENTIRE SETTING OF THE WORLD IN THE BOOK. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT? In John Wyndham's The Chrysalids, the setting is also primitive and paradoxically, in the future. The scenery seems to be having a nuclear war that happen in the present USA and southern Canada region. The society of Waknuk is primitive in the story. It is somewhat identical to the eighteenth century. The Sealand, however, is more like our community today, except that it is more advanced than ours. Although Seanland and Waknuk exist in the same time, their setting of thought, time, and place were completely different. ...read more.


People become religious and very dogmatic. The setting of Waknuk is primitive. The story takes place in western Labrador. Waknuk is a small community, which is in reality administrating by Joseph Strorm. The people of Waknuk resembles to the eighteenth century, people are very crude in the attitude. They're running by a sense of ethics, which believes, deviant are sent by devils, and the only duty is to keep pure to the true image. Only the church and authorities could decide on what is right and proper. Anything to be said differently from what they called normal has to be destroyed. They justify by referring to the Tribulation, how it was a punishment for the Old people. ...read more.


The people have telepathic abilities. Socially, all of them desire to have the ability to communicate by thought. In their society, it is admired to have such ability. In their society, there aren't any sexism or discrimination present. People help each other to their accomplishments. In general, the setting is primitive and paradoxically in the future. While the world has been affected by the holocaust, different regions had developed a sense that they're the "True image". Parts of world, such as Labrador, had developed a thought that they're the "True Image" and rely on religion significantly. The Sealanders, on the other hand, continue to evolve technology and an extra characteristic, telepathy. They help each other, and are able to be the superior mankind. The dominant effects of nuclear really made people differ in ways they live, think, and also, love one another. Written By: Ken Chi ...read more.

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