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INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1919-1991 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING THE DEFEAT OF GERMANY AND KP1 THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES QUESTION ANSWER NOTES Why was Germany close to collapse by November 1918? Explain the events that led to the armistice of November 1918. How did the allies differ in their views about how to deal with Germany? What were the main proposals in President Wilson's 14 Points? What were the main terms of the Treaty of Versailles? Why were many Germans bitter and angry with the Treaty of Versailles? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS KP2 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES Why was the League of Nations set up and what were its aims? Describe how the League of Nations was organised. What powers did the League have to deal with aggressive nations? What were the main weaknesses of the League of Nations? Why was disarmament important in the 1920s? Why did the League fail to bring about disarmament in the 1920s? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING GERMAN REARMAMENT & FOREIGN POLICY KP3 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES Why were the German armed forces very weak in 1933? ...read more.


How did the USA try to prevent the spread of communism in Europe after 1945? Describe the alliances set up by the USA and the USSR after 1945. What is meant by the phrase ' The Cold War '? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING ALLIANCES AND THE ARMS RACE KP6 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES Why was the NATO Alliance formed in 1949? Why did the USSR set up the Warsaw Pact Alliance in 1956? What were the main developments in nuclear weapons systems between 1945 and 1989? What was meant by the phrase Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)? Describe the main events of the space race between 1957 and 1991. Why was the space race important to the superpowers? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING THE BERLIN CRISES KP7 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES How was Germany divided after 1945? What was the status of Berlin in 1945? Why did Stalin blockade Berlin in 1948? How did the western powers react to the Soviet blockade of Berlin? Why did the East German government build the Berlin Wall in 1961? ...read more.


What were the events known as the Prague Spring. Why did Dubcek's attempt to reform the communist system in Czechoslovakia fail? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING D�TENTE & ARMS LIMITATION KP11 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES What is the meaning of the term d�tente? Why did the USSR want to improve relations with the USA? Why did the USA want to improve relations with the USSR? Explain why the USSR and the USA wanted to limit nuclear weapons. What agreements were reached on reducing nuclear weapons between 1963 and 1979? Why did d�tente end in 1979? INTERNATIONAL HISTORY 1900-1949 KEY POINTS FOR LEARNING THE COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM KP12 QUESTION ANSWER NOTES What problems did the Soviet Union face in the 1980s? Explain the policies of 'perestroika' and 'glasnost', which were introduced by Gorbachev in 1985. Why did Gorbachev's policies weaken communist party control of the Soviet Union? How were the Soviet satellite states in able to free themselves in 1989? Why did Gorbachev lose his position as the leader of the Soviet Union in 1991? How did Borris Yeltsin finally end Soviet communism? KEYPOINT REVISION: GCSE HISTORY GCSE KEYPOINT REVISION - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1919-1991 (c) Copyright - Pennyprint 2001 Licensed for use by the purchasing institution. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE International relations 1945-1991 section.

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