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King Alfred's was founded in 1434. I am going to explain about the changes of King Alfred's from the re-founding in 1849 to the present day.

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King Alfred's Coursework Introduction King Alfred's was founded in 1434. I am going to explain about the changes of King Alfred's from the re-founding in 1849 to the present day, this will consist of pictures of old and new buildings and maps which will help to explain the changes ( visual ) over the years.King Alfred's is a big school and there has been many changes. Many pupils have attended KA's the current number of pupils is around about 1800 and staff around about 150 over the 3 sites. King Alfred's centre site is made up of old and new buildings which has changed the look over the years. At the front of King Alfred's school centre site there has not been many changes but there has been elsewhere. We looked at many maps to see how the buildings stood but also to see if any have bee knocked down. >The living head courtiers of the headmaster are now offices. ...read more.


He replied between 25-30 years but he only came to the school 21 years ago. Mr Kingston gave exact years when most things changed but he only missed one question but Mr Mawdesley only could answer a few questions because he didn't actually go to the school he only played badminton here. Mr Jarmens answers were alot more detailed than the other teachers answers. I think that the questionnaires are not reliable but I think the most reliable source about the school is paper articles this is because they tell you the exact changes and what date they were done. In July 1922 the there was a paper that was produced it was about the new chapel that had been built. The magazine records the dates of it being started and when it finished ( the 4th of April till the 5th of May ) but since the chapel has been built it has never been knocked down since. ...read more.


2. Here is the picture of the junior dormitory. This would of been used by the students that attended King Alfred's boarding school. The room has not changed much over the years apart from maybe a bit of paint , but the room is used for a totally different purpose. The room is now used for computers and in the rooms behind there is a staff room but the main change is that they have knocked a hall through one of the walls and have put a little office for the man who runs it and a couple of computers . 3. Here is a picture of the Norman arch and the sixth form room. The arch was built around about a hundred years ago. The arch was from the old school that stood next to the Wantage church it would have been run by the priest. The arch is known as a listed building this means that the building and the arch cannot be knocked down. This concludes my history GCSE coursework on King Alfred's school and it's changes. Written by Luke Adams ...read more.

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