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Kristallnacht - source related work.

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History Coursework Assignment 2, Question C Source C is about the events on Kristallnacht. It does not give description of the way people were killed, but it gives the reactions of the German people, the weapons that were used and who the violence and attacks were carried out by. The source also has description of the synagogues that were set on fire and the Jewish mean who were taken away to concentration camps. The source is written by David Buffman who is the American consul in Leipzig so he is not a Jew or a Nazi so he wouldn't have been in favour of wither of them. The source was written from the time from what he had actually seen himself and from interviews. The fact that he had actually seen himself makes the source more reliable, he also carried out interviews and the German people were not against the Nazis so they would not lie or exaggerate, if anything they would make it seem not as bad as they would be scared about what would happen if they got found out. He also saw the people's reactions so he knew they were shocked by it and would know if someone was lying to him and saying that what they saw was not horrifying. ...read more.


On the other, it does not say that he was there, so we do not know exactly where he got this information from. Source C starts by a quote from the Nazi press explaining the reasons for Kristallnacht, the Nazi press claim that it was a spur of the moment thing because of the murder of Von Roth by a Jewish boy. The source tells us that the German crowds who saw this were horrified. Buffman has included information from another source saying that the SS men and Stormtroopers were not in uniform and were provided with hammers, axes and fire bombs. He also writes in the source about the fire brigade coming and spraying buildings next to the synagogues but not the synagogues that were on fire as they did not want any non-Jewish buildings to burn down. He does not name the source he gets this information from, but there is obviously a good reason for this. The last paragraph in the source tells us about the Jewish men who were taken to concentration camps and how the Jews did not dare to show any sympathy as it caused anger among the Nazis. The description in Source D makes source C seem more a bit more likely to be accurate because it gives some vague examples of how the Jews were disliked by the Nazis. ...read more.


Another similarity is the weapons that are said to have been used, source E had 'axes, housebreaking tools and ladders' and source C has 'hammers, axes and fire bombs.' Source E backs up source C here as it makes it seem more likely that these types of weapons were used. The differences between these two sources are that in source C the people who are being blamed for the violence are the SS men and the Stormtroopers and in source E it is the SA, however, in source C the source Buffman got this from said that they were not in uniform so depending on where he got this information from depends on whether it is totally reliable. Source C is definitely backed up and made to seem more accurate by both sources, but more by source E. Source D only backs it up a bit about the fact that the Nazis did not like the Jews. Source E backs up source C from the clear impression that the Jews were disliked by the Nazis, the similarities from the events on Kristallnacht and the weapons that were used by the people causing the destruction. Louise Mead ...read more.

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