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Kristallnacht - Which of the two sources would an historian studying Kristallnacht find more useful.

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Kristallnacht (A) Which of the two sources would an historian studying Kristallnacht find more useful. "Hitler squealed with delight and slapped his thigh with enthusiasm", suggesting that Hitler was happy with the idea of the attacking of the Jews but that Hitler did not plan it. Goebbels could have been behind Kristallnacht because he was out of favour with Hitler and thought that this idea might save him. The Nazis prepared a secret report, which is source B denying all knowledge that they had anything to do with Kristallnacht. This was supposed to be a secret report as it says, but how was it found, this could have been done by the nazis to win back favour with the public. Source A was most probably written to what people thought of Hitler and the Nazis. At this time it was popular to criticise Hitler. Also the writer may have wanted to get the public interested in him. In Hesse report he states that what he heard was "whispered" and "Muttered" how did he understand what Goebbels said if what was said was unclear and hard to hear. ...read more.


that the night was planned because you would have needed to plan that amount of transportation of male Jews to concentration camps. Also the writer David Buffman had put spontaneous in inverted commas he said it sarcastically. I think that this means that the people also thought that it was not spontaneous but he was American and could have been biased to the Nazis Source c also suggests that Kristallnacht took place because of the murder of von Rath. "The slightest sign of sympathy for the Jews from the public caused fury among the nazi's" I think that this means that the Nazis were behind this but the people did not like it. They thought that the people would like it. (C) Source C says that Kristallnacht was planned and not a spontaneous attack. 'No Attempts were made to put out the fires.' Writer David Buffman states. He backs this up by saying 'violence was carried out by SS men and SA storm troopers, not in uniform. Buffman also suggests that it must have been planned because of the transport needed and the taking of Jews to concentration camps. ...read more.


Source G is also about Kristallnacht and is implying that the Nazis were behind it as the man in uniform represents the Nazis and the dead body represents the Jews. The woman who is tied up represents the German public and is being censored because she is bound up. There are similarities and differences between the two. They are both warnings to the Germans but source f is a warning to the Nazis and source g is a warning to the German people. Source f is a warning to the Nazis because the Tsar is warning the nazis by saying that I persecuted the Jews and nothing came good of it to me so it think you shouldn't do it. Source g is a warning to the German people because the German people are being censored by the Nazis and are not allowed to do anything about Kristallnacht and the persecution of the Jews. The messages of these two cartoons are similar because they are both warning to be aware of other people source f is a warning to the nazis about the communists and source g is a warning to the German people about the nazis.` Daniel Oldland History Coursework ...read more.

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