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Letter in the blitz DRAFT

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28th February 2010 My letter to a friend about the blitz attack. Oliver I don't think I can take much more, every night so far we have been bombed, I see so many dead bodies everywhere. The smell of rotting flesh is revolting. Rats are wondering around as if they own the place, they are feasting on the decomposing corpses. ...read more.


I wish I could see her, I miss her so dear. How is everything with you? I wonder if you have seen Katherine, I don't think you will have but there is always a possibility. Oh no I need some sleep but the siren has gone off. Oh no I can't find mama. Where is she??? I'm in the Anderson shelter now, but there is still no sign of mama!!! ...read more.


I hate myself and I will never forgive myself for leaving the house without my mama. I am running to auntie. I can smell burning wood and stinky corpses. My shoes are burning and the shrapnel is flying everywhere. Auntie's house is a 3km run. I am dreading what I will see at auntie's house. Mama would be worried sick if she is still alive. I can't write anymore, I am too depressed with everything that has just happened. Sorry for dumping everything on you. Please write back as soon as you can. Thanks Oliver, From Caitlyn ...read more.

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