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Life did get better for many Americans in the 1930's. How far was Roosevelt responsible for this or was it due to other factors?

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3. Life did get better for many Americans in the 1930's. How far was Roosevelt responsible for this or was it due to other factors? This essay will sum up how much Franklin Roosevelt actually did for the American public and how much was actually contributed by other factors. It will show the effort that he put in and if it paid off to any extent by improving the life of the Americans. He was very ambitious and determinated to succeed in whatever he did and therefore this reflected in his running of the country. In the 1930's, the average American citizens began to become happy as their standard of living was increasing. The depression was slowly but surely blowing over thanks to Roosevelt. American citizens were now courageous enough to put their money back into banks and many were becoming employed again. This was partly thanks to Roosevelt's aims, including the New Deal, which brought about immense changes in their country and proved very positive. Although, Roosevelt cannot be given all the glory for this rise in employment and standard of living, as World War 2 also contributed a lot with jobs etc. this will be discussed into further detail throughout the essay. First, Franklin Roosevelt promised the American people an active government, in comparison to the previous government. This meant that Roosevelt was all for the people and focused entirely on their needs, so that they could begin to live out a good life. He promised to spend huge sums of money to end the economic crisis and help the American people overall achieve a better standard of living. ...read more.


This Agency employed young people for several months at a time, working in environment jobs such as forestry and cleaning rivers. This gave the young people, which would normally do nothing except live off Government benefits, something to do. Therefore it allowed them to put money and labour back into their community giving money back to the Government when they spent their earnings on things etc. Yet another major Alphabet Agency was the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). This was responsible for flood control, building dams along the Tennessee River. Also constructing new towns and holiday areas, which would create tourism. This agency also allowed the Government to 'Kill to birds with one stone,' as it created jobs on construction sites while also providing hydro electricity power for farms. The water was then used to irrigate dry areas, aimed at combating erosion. Hydro electricity was a cheap type of power which would be good for the USA as it also created a lot of power, therefore when it gave energy to the farms they could then grow more crops to export and sell, and make a profit for the Government. Another important Agency was the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration), which limited the amount of produce, produced by individual farmers in order to combat over production as the prices of crops etc was going down and they became harder to sell. Government help was given to farmers as they were given money to help keep up mortgage repayments and electricity was also aimed to farms, so that it would be cheaper for the farmers. This allowed the farmers to produce less crops and get a better price for them therefore their income would have been ...read more.


In conclusion to this, my judgement would be that, the 'other' factors contributed to the better standard of living for the ordinary Americans, then Roosevelt did. Most importantly was the preparation of World War two, which created millions of jobs and allowed the American people, to make their money and spend it on any luxuries they wanted, as they then had the money, therefore showing that it was the 'American Dream.' Although Roosevelt did contribute a lot by inventing the New Deal, and making sure that it was passed and helped out the Americans, he always seemed to need Government support and money from the Government, which goes to show that he could not give the ordinary Americans a better life on his own as he needed the Governments help always. It either enforce the New Deal and pass it or to give him large sums of money. His failed to help the Americans is therefore shown when the Government will know longer give him money and even with his beloved New Deal, a second depression still occurs. It is only when World War two arrives, that unemployment is wiped out fully, and the Americans can fully support themselves. Furthermore, I therefore feel that the main reason that allowed the American citizens to have a better life it the preparation of World War Two and the USA entering it. This is because it brought in large sums of money for the country and created so many jobs, therefore the American Public were allowed to live out the 'American Dream' to a full extent as they were now financially stable, with their own money which they could spend on whatever they liked. Michael Boland History Coursework Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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