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Little girl's destination.

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Little girl's destination There was, once upon a time, a beautiful, small mannered girl who had no mother and no father. She was so poor and had no house to live in with no bed to keep her warm at night. She had nothing but the clothes and small amount of money. All by herself she went out into the world. She had not walked very far down the road from her house before she met a little boy with dirty trouser on who said, 'Please give me some money, I am so hungry and cold'. So the little girl gave him five dollars and carried on walking. It wasn't long till she met another girl who cried and said, 'My hands are so cold, Give me something to cover it with'. The poor girl gave her a pair of gloves and carried on walking. She was so thirsty and stopped to look for a little drink. ...read more.


He wanted a jacket to keep him self warm for couple of days. The girl could see his hands shivering as if he had been standing in cold for hours. So the little girl really felt sorry for the boy and gave her own jacket away. It was getting really called, she fought. She started shivering herself but she wasn't too bothered about her self. She wished it was summer season, so everyone can play and have fun. But the girl became so anxious because she thought that if she keeps on giving her clothes away to little kids, soon she will not have anything to wear for her self, but she could not look at the sadness on children's face so she carried on walking as usual and came to a little house with broken doors and windows. There was a kid sitting inside, which quickly ran out side and told the young girl to give him some clothes to wear. ...read more.


She thanked the fairy so much that she ends up hugging her. The fairy smiled and said I will meet you again. 'If you ever need me again, just think of me and I will here in no time'. 'Don't worry about what you're going to say, your wishes are going to be my command', said the fairy in very gentle voice. The young girl waved at her and watched her disappearing very slowly. The young girl went inside her house. She never again was so cold or hungry, and lived very happy life as long she lived, after she met the fairy. The moral of this story is really clear and simple. What ever you give away for the sake of others, God gives you something back, which is hundred times better than the things you gave away. This story shows that people shouldn't be so selfish about the things they own, although if they haven't got anything. Giving something away as a gift to others is what God likes and loves. Respecting and loving others is what makes neighbouring houses a perfect place to live. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE International relations 1945-1991 section.

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